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The Leadership Quick Shots

The Leadership Quick Shots brings you insights, ideas, and tips from faculty, instructors, and special guests.

  • Angela Love, Ph.D. on teams who are new to working remotely.
  • Brian Dunn, M.A. on how you can avoid disconnection amongst teams, helping your employees remain engaged and energized in a remote world and how to get more out of your employees by helping them lean in on their strengths.
  • Elaine Stein, Psy.D. on how you can continue to show up for your team, family, and friends by simply being a leader.
  • Elizabeth D. Cramer, Ph.D. on confronting our biases to ensure we are interpreting facts versus our own opinions while handling a situation.
  • George Shepeard, Psy.D. on some of the things we can do to take care of ourselves amidst all the changes going on.
  • Gino Coca-Mir on the subject of after-action review and its relationship to learning agility.
  • Guillermo Wated, Ph.D. on leaders not having all the answers during challenging times.
  • Kaihan Krippendorff, Sc.D. on what actions do you want to be remembered for?
  • Kevin Hummel, Ph.D. on how to refrain from becoming “Zoom Zombies.”
  • Stav Fainshmidt, Ph.D. on parallel thinking being much more effective for your teams.
  • Stephanie May, Psy.D. on what to do as a leader when an individual, personally or professionally, approaches you appearing to be emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Teri Robiou, Ph.D. on how to show up for your employees while working in a digital world.