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The Principal Leadership Accelerator

The Principal Leadership Accelerator is designed to empower and challenge current K-12 school leaders (such as principals, assistant principals, principal supervisors and district administrators) to become more effective, strategic, and courageous leaders in their schools and communities.

Using a unique, multidisciplinary paradigm, this program integrates the most effective leadership tools and practices derived from cutting-edge leadership research conducted at the Center for Leadership at FIU. The program model utilizes management tools and research, educational leadership practices, social science research, and public administration expertise to imbue participants with best practices and effective leadership skills.

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Program Information

Who should attend?

This program is designed for current K-12 school leaders (such as principals, assistant principals, principal supervisors and district administrators) who are looking expand their leadership capacity and become change agents in their schools and communities.

Not sure if this program is the right fit for you or want more information before applying? Contact a member of our team or view our other program options for individual contributors, managers, and established executives.

Why attend?

Our leadership development programs for principals continue to gain recognition around the world. In seven short years, we have garnered thirteen different accolades from, Chief Learning Officer Group, and most recently UPCEA… including six #1 rankings! Read more about our rankings

  • Benefits for school leaders

    Participating in this program will help school leaders:

    • Significantly increase their impact by making a few targeted (often small) adjustments to the way they lead.
    • Enhance self-insight, connecting the dots between themselves and their leadership action.
    • Set the tone for inclusion and diversity through six specific actions.
    • Create different vision 'narratives' for sustained impact.
    • Learn how to utilize a 'coaching' approach to develop leadership under and around them.
  • Benefits for the organization

    Participating in this program will help the school districts:

    • Build more leadership capacity within your district, which creates a virtuous cycle of growth.
    • Provide opportunities to enhance diversity and inclusion at the leadership level.
    • Strategically grow specific leaders in their current role and, in some cases, help prepare them for more responsibility.
    • Create and enhance a culture of growth and development within the district.

“For the past 12 years, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has shared a commitment to providing professional development and expanding the capacity of leaders in partnership with the Center for Leadership at Florida International University. The result is school leaders with expanded resources, ignited passion, and sharpened tools to better motivate our students to achieve remarkable academic and personal success. This program is not about school administration - this program is centered around helping school leaders become more strategic, courageous, and effective.”

(Former) Superintendent Alberto Carvalho
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Topics and Schedule

The following topics and schedule are subject to change.

  • Professional Learning Session 1
    • Program Introduction
    • Personality and leadership: understand how who we are affects our leadership behaviors
    • Leveraging your strengths: explore and understand the role personal strengths play in our leadership
    • Traps of decision making: learn how to avoid decision-making traps caused by cognitive biases or emotional responses
  • Executive coaching session #1
    • Executive coaching session #1: A unique benefit of participating in The Principal Leadership Accelerator is the opportunity to meet one-on-one with an executive coach. These sessions will allow you to enlist objective feedback from a trained professional on issues or matters of particular concern to you. You may also use these sessions to gain further insight on some of the sessions or tools discussed during the program. This program includes two executive coaching sessions.
  • Professional Learning Session 3&4
    • The role of values in leadership: clearly define the role of personal values in leadership to better understand your decision-making process
    • Leading for inclusion: learn methods and tools to help you effectively manage social and psychological implicit biases
    • Strategies for coaching others: provide tactful, well-timed and appropriate developmental feedback
    • Transitions: Expanding your reach: identify and explore opportunities to tap into the talents of your team to help you lead more strategically
  • Executive coaching session #2
    • Executive coaching session #2
  • Professional Learning Session 5&6
    • Leading teams: engage in a high stakes decision scenario to develop skills to foster team performance and lead teams to make great decisions
    • Narratives for leadership: understand the importance of vision and narratives in creating alignment and engagement at all organizational levels
    • Leading change: gain a fresh perspective on how to lead change for even greater achievements
    • Developing your leadership agenda: craft a personal action plan for implementation upon returning to work
  • Professional Learning Session 7&8
    • Direct your energy: learn to effectively delegate the appropriate decisions and tasks to the right people at the right time with proper follow-through
    • Leading with stories: learn to use stories and storytelling techniques to make communications and presentations more compelling and influential
    • If they can hear you coming: reflect on your own leadership behaviors as you define your focus within your school
    • Lessons in leadership: develop strategic leadership skills by taking advantage of both big and small moments by using myriad subtle behaviors which fly under the radar of most observers
    • Program Closing


Mayra Beers, Ph.D.

Mayra Beers, Ph.D.
Program Chair


Nathan J. Hiller, Ph.D.
Program Co-Chair


Liz Cramer, Ph.D.

Leslie DeChurch, Ph.D.

Brian Dunn

Stav Fainshmidt, Ph.D., CPA (Isr.)

Carol Lempert

Ebony Smith

Stephen J. Zacarro, Ph.D.

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