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The Leadership Competency Builder©

The success of organizations depends on their ability to anticipate core leadership competencies that they will need in the future. The Leadership Competency Builder© product is designed to help business leaders with this strategic need by identifying critical leadership competencies needed to position their organizations for sustained future success.

The Leadership Competency Builder© provides executives and managers with a list of research-based, high-impact leadership competencies. This list indicates what is most needed for successful leadership and can also be used to diagnose competency gaps in current leadership.

The Leadership Competency Builder© was built on an extensive literature review of top-tier academic research on leadership up to mid-2015, conducted by a team of researchers at the FIU Center for Leadership. This list of 45 leadership competencies was then thematically categorized into 5 “meta-competencies”: Leading Self, Strategic Focus, Connecting with Others, Leading Others, and Delivering Results. This tool can help organizations by making evidence-based research more accessible and applicable. Once critical competency gaps are identified, organizations can then take the necessary steps to develop those competencies to their full potential.

The list of competencies included in the Leadership Competency Builder© product, together with a brief description of each competency, are provided here. A list of references for all the academic research papers examined in the development of the product is presented in the Appendix section. The survey version can also be found here to pin-point competency needs. 

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