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Leadership Competency Builder

The success of individuals, teams, and organizations depends on their ability to anticipate core leadership competencies that they will need in the future. The Leadership Competency Builder© tool is designed to help leaders with this strategic need by identifying critical leadership competencies needed to position themselves, their teams, and their organizations for sustained future success.

A decade in the making, the Leadership Competency Builder©, or LCB©, gives executives and managers a much-needed glimpse into key competencies needed for successful leadership. The free, online self-assessment also provides a tool to help individuals, teams, and organizations diagnose competency gaps in their current leadership and prioritize competencies that have maximum strategic importance for their future success.

How it Works

It all starts with the 45 leadership competencies that were distilled from an extensive literature review of academic research on leadership by a team of researchers at the Center for Leadership. The competencies were then thematically organized into five meta-competencies: Leading Self, Strategic Focus, Connecting with Others, Leading Others, and Delivering Results.

Whether taken as an individual, part of a team, or for the entire organization, the user categorizes the importance of these 45 competencies. This is done by a drag and drop feature that allows the user to place the competencies into one of four quadrants: Primary Strengths, Secondary Strengths, High Priority, and Low Priority.

Take the LCB

Leaders, to help you pin-point competency needs, complete the Leadership Competency Builder©


Upon Completion

Once completed, users receive a custom feedback report via email. This report serves as a great way to help an organization focus on developing leadership. For example, senior leaders can understand an individual’s strengths or what is most critical for the organization and spot specific areas of need. Leaders can look to improve their leadership in the form of courses, mentors, or other instruction on specific competencies.

Only the Foundation

One of the strengths of this tool is that this is NOT a prescriptive model; the full list of possible competencies by itself provides no direction or guidance for leadership development, nor does it seek to address style. Rather – custom results are based on user responses. It is solely about identifying perceived competencies and skills by clarifying and prioritizing strengths and gaps that can then help an individual or leader better assess or develop their leadership capacity.

More Information

For more information on the Leadership Competency Builder© or to learn how our leadership programs can help your organization, please contact the Center for Leadership at 305-348-5323 or lead@fiu.edu.