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The Leadership Essentials Programs

Jumpstart Your Leadership

You’ve learned basic leadership skills by modeling others, but now it’s time to elevate your skills and formalize your role. Discover what aspiring leaders already know: The Leadership Essentials Programs from the award-winning Center for Leadership at FIU will help you develop your leadership capabilities to jumpstart your career.

Imagine discovering the foundational leadership skills not learned in the workplace and how far you could go by spending some time in a proven leadership course. This program will develop and enhance your existing skills and help you get even better. Whether a solo entrepreneur or an informal leader ready to take the reins, this program will hone your basic leadership skills and prepare you to take on formal leadership roles. Jumpstart your leadership at the Center for Leadership at FIU.

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Who should attend?

The Leadership Essentials Programs are designed for individuals looking to develop foundational leadership capabilities. Well-qualified participants are recently-appointed leaders or those who informally lead others at work, those looking to hone basic leadership skills and insights, or those who are preparing to take on leadership roles.

There is no formal prerequisite to attend LEP. Each program is unique such that participants may attend all program iterations and in any order.

If you previously attended an iteration of The Leadership Essentials Program, but do not recall which one, please contact us at so we can provide you with that information.

Not sure if this program is the right fit for you or want more information before registering? Contact a member of our team or view our other program options for individual contributors, managers, and established executives.

Why attend?

Our leadership development programs continue to gain recognition around the world. In seven short years, we have garnered thirteen different accolades from, Chief Learning Officer Group, and most recently UPCEA … including six #1 rankings! Read more about our rankings.

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