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May 2023

The High Impact Leadership Program

You’re a proven leader at your organization and ready to take the next step. Discover what directors to VPs nationwide already know: The High-Impact Leadership Program from the award-winning Center for Leadership at FIU will unearth your dynamic, adaptive, and creative capabilities and transform them into a competitive advantage.

September 2023

The Women Leaders Program

Women leaders need the passion and skills to rise to the next level. This research-based, facts-driven, and transformational program, will take you on a journey to discover the character traits and inner strengths you have to succeed. Transform your future with the Women Leaders Program and learn leadership skills you can activate now, how to use collaborations to elevate cooperation, and go from task-focused manager to visionary leader - all to benefit yourself, your team, and your organization.

October 2023

The Leadership Essentials Program: Pathways to Leadership

You’ve learned basic leadership skills by modeling others, but now it’s time to elevate your skills and formalize your role. Discover what aspiring leaders already know: The Leadership Essentials Program: Pathways to Leadership will help you develop your leadership capabilities to jumpstart your career.

The Leadership Accelerator Program

As an emerging leader, you are ready to accelerate your leadership journey and transition from willing manager to trusted leader. The Leadership Accelerator Program will build your self-awareness, strengthen your behavioral and skill toolkit, and improve strategic alignment with your team and organization.