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Virtual Resources

At the Center for Leadership we are dedicated to exploring leadership thought and practice through continuous research, providing opportunities for leaders to develop keen self-insight, and teaching leadership competencies that will equip them to meaningfully transform their organizations and their societies. Through our research, executive development programs, and community engagement opportunities, we are building better leaders for a better world. This means we strive to engage the widest audience possible and provide access to leadership development opportunities, both in-person and virtually. On this virtual resources guide you will find opportunities to enhance your leadership (virtually) through insights, opportunities, and tools relevant for this ever-changing world.

Experience our Instructor-led Live Online Programs 

The Center’s virtual programs are offered through a live online format, with the same rigor and impact as our in-person programs. Live online programs take place in real-time with live instructions and continue to include all the hallmarks of the Center’s development programs – interactivity, research-backed insights, a focus on self-discovery, small and large group discussions, in-class practice, and opportunities to interact with our world-class instructors – all with the goal of helping you become more effective and grow in your leadership. Like our in-person programs, live online programs are intensive 2-5 day programs scheduled during regular work hours (ET), and live attendance is required for participants.

Leadership Competency Builder

The Leadership Competency Builder©, or LCB©, gives executives and managers a much-needed glimpse into key competencies needed for successful leadership. The free, online self-assessment also provides a tool to help individuals, teams, and organizations diagnose competency gaps in their current leadership and prioritize competencies that have maximum strategic importance for their future success.

Take the LCB

Leaders, to help you pin-point competency needs, complete the Leadership Competency Builder©

Leading Well

Leading Well was developed to engage the community we serve through digital conversations with academics, business executives, executive coaches, community leaders, and leadership experts. These wide-ranging discussions cover topics from personal growth to leading others, and human development to leadership best practices, with a goal of engaging leaders at all levels. Through this series, we provide access to expertise, insight, advice, and best practices on topics related to leadership, leadership development, and leading wellSee who's up next for our Leading Well webcast.

The Leadership Quick Shots

The Leadership Quick Shots bring you 60-second insights, ideas, and tips from faculty, instructors, and specials guests. 

  • Angela Love, Ph.D. on teams who are new to working remotely.
  • Brian Dunn, M.A. on how you can avoid disconnection amongst teams, helping your employees remain engaged and energized in a remote world and how to get more out of your employees by helping them lean in on their strengths.
  • Elaine Stein, Psy.D. on how you can continue to show up for your team, family, and friends by simply being a leader.
  • Elizabeth D. Cramer, Ph.D. on confronting our biases to ensure we are interpreting facts versus our own opinions while handling a situation.
  • George Shepeard, Psy.D. on some of the things we can do to take care of ourselves amidst all the changes going on.
  • Gino Coca-Mir on the subject of after-action review and its relationship to learning agility.
  • Guillermo Wated, Ph.D. on leaders not having all the answers during challenging times.
  • Kaihan Krippendorff, Sc.D. on what actions do you want to be remembered for?
  • Kevin Hummel, Ph.D. on how to refrain from becoming “Zoom Zombies.”
  • Stav Fainshmidt, Ph.D. on parallel thinking being much more effective for your teams.
  • Stephanie May, Psy.D. on what to do as a leader when an individual, personally or professionally, approaches you appearing to be emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Teri Robiou, Ph.D. on how to show up for your employees while working in a digital world.

Archived Events

Missed an event such as The Leadership Lectures, or want to remember one you attended previously? Check out our archived events page here.

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