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M-DCPS + Center for Leadership at FIU = SUCCESS: Featuring Martin Reid

Martin Reid, principal, Arthur & Polly Mays 6-12 Conservatory of the Arts and Cohort III alumnus of the Principal Leadership Development Program (2012-2013), shares his thoughts on leadership, the program, and his experience as a principal.

Why are Busy Managers Less Fair?

A key reason that being busy gets in the way of being fair is that acting fairly is hard work. It’s not something that comes effortlessly. Fairness is not one simple choice but involves a series of steps and calculations that take time and deliberate effort. Managers have to take time to consult with employees and understand their issues, and collect and weigh numerous pieces of information about the situation at hand.

M-DCPS + Center for Leadership at FIU = SUCCESS: Featuring Raul Calzadilla, Jr.

This year, the Center for Leadership and Miami-Dade County Public Schools celebrate their 10-year partnership in the award-winning Principals Leadership Development Program (PLDP). As part of this celebration, the Center for Leadership will be featuring one principal from each of the ten cohorts over the coming academic year. Raul Calzadilla, Jr., principal, Air Base K-8 Center for International Education and Cohort II alumnus of the Principal Leadership Development Program (2011-2012), was our second interviewee to share his thoughts on leadership, the program, and his experience as a principal.

Bringing the voice of justice to the under-served Meena Jagannath wins the 2019 Emerging Leader Award

Meena Jagannath has combined her skills as a social justice lawyer, an international human rights advocate, and a community activist in South Florida with her belief in the power of cultural engagement to help thousands of people across Miami and the world. Read how this Emerging Leader is changing our community.

Building On Success: Third Generation Developer Creates Own Leadership Style

Building On Success! Read how the past and a shared vision of the future is helping build Austin Hollo’s role as the third-generation developer at Florida East Coast Realty.

M-DCPS + Center for Leadership at FIU = SUCCESS: Featuring Lisa Noffo

This summer, the Center for Leadership and Miami-Dade County Public Schools celebrate their 10-year partnership in the award-winning Principals Leadership Development Program (PLDP), made possible through the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. To date, PLDP has worked with 290 district principals designed to enhance professional development and leadership skills.

"Global Leader or Cultural Outsider?" Wins 2019 Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award

Dr. Jackson Lu, researcher who worked on "Global Leader, Cultural Outsider: Examination of international experience and leadership" wins the Center for Leadership at Florida International University's 2019 Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award.

10 Years of Educating Educators

This summer, the Center for Leadership and Miami-Dade County Public Schools celebrate their 10-year partnership in the award-winning Principals Leadership Development Program (PLDP), made possible through the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. To date, PLDP has worked with 290 district principals designed to enhance professional development and leadership skills.

Impossible Leadership Situations

How important is it that a leader ‘looks like’ what we expect? Research has shown it can be important, and problematic, and has far-reaching implications beyond what you might expect. Here’s the core issue - if an individual conforms to our specific ‘mind model’ of what we think a leader should do/be like/look like – then we grant leadership to them. We acknowledge them as a leader. We follow them.

Crunching the numbers: From CPA to CEO

Antonio “Tony” Argiz is the quintessential American immigrant success story. Born in Havana and in 1962 was sent to the U.S. without his parents at 9 years old; it would be five years before he would see them again. Growing up in Florida, Argiz’ skill on the baseball diamond earned him an athletic scholarship to Florida International University. Realizing his future was more than baseball, Argiz took the opportunity, earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and became a CPA.

Miami Tomorrow

Michelle Abbs is an academic advocate, an entrepreneurial leader, and a staunch proponent of women-run startups. Miami native Matthew Anderson is a community activist who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped guide organizations serving under-privileged children across the region. Vance Aloupis parlayed his mission as CEO of The Children’s Movement of Florida into a successful 2018 run for the Florida Legislature, where his mission is the welfare of children statewide. All three share two common attributes.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Women leaders take charge

Take charge of your own development and find out why The Women Leaders Program is a key component for your career success.

How transferable are your leadership skills?

How transferable are your leadership skills? During his military career, Col. Charles P. “Chuck” Samaris led or trained teams from 200 to 1,600. He served in operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, oversaw a multi-billion-dollar reconstruction program in Iraq, and was company commander for U.S. troops during massive war games in South Korea.

What Would You Do? Leadership Lessons with Desmond Howard

Desmond Howard arrived at the University of Michigan as a highly-recruited running back. His first week there, famed Coach Bo Schembechler pulled Howard aside and said the team needed him at wide receiver. Did the star player balk or threaten to transfer?

The Great Balancing Act

Building On Success! Read how the past and a shared vision of the future is helping build Austin Hollo’s role as the third-generation developer at Florida East Coast Realty.

Can being too kind backfire? Ethics, Trust and Kindness in Leadership

Can ethical leaders get ahead? Do they get results? Whether in business or government, should you really trust someone who says, “Just trust me”? When can a leader’s kindness backfire? Three globally recognized Florida-based scholars will each share insights from their research on these topics and the leadership implications at The 2019 Leadership Research Colloquium hosted by the Center for Leadership at FIU.

Good leadership is... investing in others

Who makes a difference in our communities? It is often those who are making a difference at work. Our exemplary leader profile highlights Gerald C. Grant and his leadership both at work and in our community.

Leadership in the ‘rest of the world’

A newly released study by the FIU Center for Leadership research team examined two leadership behaviors - benevolence and authority, under our noses, and in distant lands.

Earning a Standing Ovation: Celebrity Violinist Roddy Chong Explores Leading from the Stage

Want to perform better in your personal and professional career? Read how Roddy Chong explains good performances, great leadership, and earning a standing ovation. Below are excerpts of that conversation:– then hear her presentation January 23, 2019 at the Leadership Lecture from the Center for Leadership at Florida International University.

3 Life Strategies inspired by the Spice Girls

So, what do you really want to achieve in 2019? Most of us, go through our professional – and even personal – lives not thinking about what we really want. Too often we are guided by what is expected, what is available, or, alas, what is convenient. So, stop for a moment and think about what you really want out of life

Dr. CEO: A conversation with Dr. Wael Barsoum

Wael Barsoum was a successful surgeon with Cleveland Clinic, overseeing the Department of Orthopedics and innovating joint replacement techniques, when he began spotting areas for operational improvement at the Ohio hospital. Read this Q&A from an accomplished doctor turned CEO.

Are you a rebel leader?

Rebels in life and the workplace have a bad reputation. In Rebel Talent, Harvard professor and author Francesca Gino explores how these apparent troublemakers, outcasts, and contrarians unleash creativity and improve business – and humanity.

Are you up for the challenge? From Task-oriented Manager to Operational Leader

Savvy managers are critical contributors to organizational success. Increasingly organizations must rely on their managers to make decisions with far-reaching impact and, in turn, the best managers continuously nurture skills to position themselves to make the best decisions more often. Ultimately, organizations must answer the question, “Are our managers ready to go from task-oriented contributors to operational leaders?”

Three Ingredients for Success: Chef Michelle Bernstein on Cooking, Life, and Leadership

Want a recipe for success? Read how Chef Michelle Bernstein went from reluctant cook to celebrity chef to successful business owner – then hear her presentation October 11 at the Leadership Lecture from the Center for Leadership at Florida International University.

Beyond the Corner Office: Leading with Extraordinary Talent

Miami’s own Michelle Bernstein is an award-winning celebrity chef and world-renowned violinist Roddy Chong are coming to a stage near you.

What is the 'cost' of rudeness?

What is the true ‘cost’ of rudeness and incivility? No one likes to be treated rudely, but of course, it happens. And when it does, sometimes we just have to suck it up and carry on. The workplace isn’t perfect and people aren’t always going to get along.

An Educator at Heart

Educational and entrepreneurial visionary, Michelle Abbs, named 2018 Emerging Leader Award Winner by the Center for Leadership at Florida International University and in partnership with the Alvah H. and Wyline P. Chapman Foundation.

When does charisma hinder leadership?

Charismatic leaders often are praised for their charm and ability to inspire devotion in others. They’re effective. They have influence. But can a leader’s charisma become “too much of a good thing”?

Wasted Dollars: Perception vs. Evidence of Leadership Training

Leadership development can, and often does, fail to live up to expectations. And even when it is successful, it does not mean that it is a cure-all for what ails an organization, nor can it ‘fix’ a horrible leader. So, what is it good for? When does it work? And when does it fail?

Saluting South Florida’s Best: The 2018 Emerging Leader Award Finalists

From technologists and thought leaders, to civic managers, a banker, and advocates for at-risk youth, finalists for this year’s Emerging Leader Award presented by the Center for Leadership at FIU represent the best among South Florida’s rising stars.

When personal strengths and work converge.

Learn how Vice President of Finance at FedEx Services, Jane Amaba, leveraged what she learned at our program and the outcomes it brought.

Culturally Responsive Leadership

How can leaders bridge divides to get the most out of their team? Some valuable clues for leaders and organizations might come from the field of education – which has been examining and testing ideas for decades. 

I'm what?

Nelson L. Adams, III, M.D., is a busy man. When he’s not delivering some 30 babies each month, he is chairman of one of Florida’s largest Medicaid HMOs and serves on the boards of a host of religious and charitable organizations.

Letting go of bad habits while learning new ways to lead

When Chris Cataldi first enrolled in The High-Impact Leadership Program at the Center for Leadership at Florida International University, he  arrived with one challenge for which he wanted to get some expert guidance; however, a different challenge became apparent, thanks to the program.

Senior executive learns to refocus on personal and professional strengths

Adriene McCoy brought with her a list of professional habits she wanted to improve upon when she participated in The Women Leaders Program, an executive leadership development program presented by the Center for Leadership at Florida International University.

Continuous learning – the secret of highly successful executives

Joseph L. Caruncho launched Preferred Care Partners and grew it to become a $750 million healthcare provider with 600 employees, before selling it in 2012 to United Healthcare. Today he is the founder and CEO of Genuine Health Group, which in a short time has grown to over $100 million in annual revenues.

Different industries, different work; peer learning is powerful.

One of the most enduring lessons Jenn Crenshaw learned when she participated in The High-Impact Leadership executive development program (at the Center for Leadership at Florida International University) actually came from a fellow participant. Paired with an officer from the U.S. Southern Command, Crenshaw learned of a military decision-making process that welcomes input before decisions are made.

Bridging cultures, delivering results

Raul X. Palacios had 20 years of experience as an executive working throughout Latin America when he took a new position heading the Miami office of Daikin Applied, a global corporation that designs, manufactures and sells heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products for commercial buildings. Yet working with a U.S. team as they serviced American customers presented Raul with a bit of culture shock.

More than a course – a transformation

Trish Brennan, vice president of human resources at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, is lavish in her praise of The High-Impact Leadership Program offered by The Center for Leadership at Florida International University. Brennan attended the program more than seven years ago. As she hears herself talk about the impact of the program’s lessons, she admits it all “sounds too good to be true.”

Learn now, use forever

Carlos Humberto Escobar was a marketing manager with no direct reports when he registered for an executive leadership development program at the Center for Leadership at Florida International University in 2011. Seven years later, Escobar is still using lessons learned during The High-Impact Leadership Program, even leadership skills that did not fully resonate at the time.

Lessons that last.

When Julie Lanz walked into the Center for Leadership at Florida International University (FIU) as a graduate assistant, she admits she “looked and sounded like a jeans and Birkenstock-wearing” graduate student. When she graduated five years later, she had learned to “dress like a professional and think like a leader.”

Putting the best foot forward

Before Nancy Scally attended a 2010 executive leadership program at the Center for Leadership at FIU, she was skeptical. “I went in saying, ‘I own my own successful business. Who’s going to tell me how to run things?’” says Scally, CEO of Colorado Engineering, Inc.

The mission to Mars – and other ‘Pathways to Leadership’

What do the Mars mission, personal authenticity, and positive relationships have in common? Each may reveal proven and uncharted “Pathways to Leadership.” The three will be explored as The Leadership Research Colloquium reveals the latest research and showcases new insights for effective organizational leadership.

It's not how old you are that matters!

When’s Leadership Excellence magazine awarded two prestigious, first-place LEAD Awards to Florida International University’s Center for Leadership, it was the fifth straight year The Center earned top honors for its executive leadership development programs. The 2018 wins were based on the fundamental formula for the curriculum of all Center programs offered in its young 10-year history: (1) help executives understand themselves better and (2) teach them developable leadership skills with proven impact.

Two first-place wins!

The Center for Leadership at Florida International University took two first-place wins at the prestigious 2018 LEAD Awards, besting competition that included several Ivy League institutions. The announcement was made February 8, 2018, at the annual LEAD Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Dr. Nathan J. Hiller, academic director for the Center for Leadership, and Shannon Hanson, assistant director, were on hand to accept the awards.

Leaders who produce leaders

That restaurant meal you ate last weekend may have been quite different if not for chef Alice Waters. How did she influence the entire restaurant industry? Sure – she is considered the founder of the farm-to-table movement, but, it’s not about her restaurants. In this month’s Leadership Insights section, we focus on field research done by Dr. Sydney Finkelstein, friend of the FIU Center for Leadership and Professor of Management at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Management.

Hostile work environment! Ugh!

Bad manners, rudeness and outright disrespect in the workplace have deep costs. It affects more than two-thirds of all employees and leads to lost productivity, high turnover, poor customer service, and a dampened bottom line.

Making the grade. FIU’s Center for Leadership impacts MDCPS

When Alberto Carvalho arrived as Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) in 2008, state education officials were threatening to close nine failing high schools. The District’s graduation rate was below 60 percent, and the school system was on the brink of bankruptcy.

Women in Leadership: Trade-Offs, ‘Ownership,’ Hustling, and a Work in Progress

From the C-suite to Main Street, women business leaders face similar challenges. They are pioneers and visionaries, arguably underestimated by male contemporaries yet they remain intensely focused on what is needed to lead. Pilar Guzman Zavala is one of those leaders. As co-owner and CEO of Half Moon Empanadas, Guzman enjoys success. But it has not come easily or predictably.

Designing your life- it’s never too early or too late.

Dave Evans, co-founder of the Stanford University Life Design Lab and former Apple executive, will present his lecture, Designing Your Life, sharing insights from his popular Stanford course and NY Times #1 bestseller of the same name at The Leadership Lectures.

Chipping away at Think Manager - Think Male

Close your eyes and picture a leader. If the leader is a male, you’re experiencing the phenomenon called “Think Manager, Think Male.” Erroneously, masculine attributes like competitiveness and aggressiveness are perceived to be needed for management positions. “Think Manager, Think Male” happens with both sexes but most frequently with men.

Is it best to always think positive?

Focusing on the positive is important, but it is also critical not to deny when we’re upset, bummed out, frustrated, or disappointed – sitting in that moment for a time may be much healthier in the long term. And here’s why…

Leading Through Innovative Disruption

Imagine the life of a legacy grocery retailer. In recent years, many believed technology would present among the greatest challenges to their industry. The September close of online retailer Amazon’s acquisition of specialty brick-and-mortar grocer Whole Foods, however, brought the combination of immediate disruptive innovation and deep discounting from a mega organization with a national footprint.

FIU’s Center for Leadership Receives the Chief Learning Officer Award

The Center for Leadership at Florida International University this week received the Silver Award from the Chief Learning Officer Group (CLO) for Excellence in Academic Partnerships, for its work with Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS).

Lessons from a Decade of Game-Changing Executive Education

There’s an emerging trend in the modern workplace. Instead of saying, “I want to work for you,” job candidates are asking, “Why should I come to work for you?” Recruits and employees alike are looking for purposeful jobs with engaged leaders who seek a higher value proposition than just the bottom line.

Leadership, Disruption and Innovation at P&G

Albert Einstein insightfully pointed out that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” That insight is useful in evaluating the Procter & Gamble (P&G) Proxy Contest between P&G and Trian Partners/Mr. Peltz.

Depleted Leaders Do Foolish Things

Have you seen someone you know become rude or snappy when they’re tired? Of course you’ve never done this. We’re talking about other people. Or when ‘someone else’ is extremely hungry – we even have a name for what can result – being ‘hangry.’

FIU Center for Leadership Honors Matthew Anderson with 2017 Emerging Leader Award

Miami native Matthew Anderson has committed his young career to making his hometown a better home for all its residents. In recognition of his accomplishments, Anderson was named the recipient of The Emerging Leader Award for 2017, presented by the Center for Leadership at Florida International University (FIU) and sponsored by the Alvah H. and Wyline P. Chapman Foundation.

Why good relationships (but not close friendships) matter for your leadership

In a 2013 engagement study, staffing and recruiting firm Randstad found that the number one reason employees leave their job is their immediate supervisor. This idea is also transmitted by a well-known saying: “People don’t leave bad organizations, they leave bad bosses.” While a decision to quit often has a number of reasons, a significant body of research over the years has validated this basic idea.

Good intentions are not enough: How gender bias shows up in subtle ways.

Sure, many organizations say they want to create more opportunities for women in leadership. And many organizations actually mean it. But even with good intentions, organizations (and you) may be unintentionally making it more difficult for women to ascend and succeed in leadership positions.

Can Leadership Really Be Learned?

We don’t have to look far to see examples of ineffective and misguided leadership. Organizations and individuals spend billions of dollars in the U.S. each year on the hope that people can become better leaders. Oftentimes it is just that – hope. But can leadership really be developed?

Female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies now top 5 percent. What, you’re not cheering?

According to the Pew Research Center, the share of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies topped 5 percent for the first time in the first quarter of 2017, with 27 women heading major firms. General Motors, headed by Mary Barra, is the largest U.S. company with a female chief executive.

Catching up with Lloyd DeVaux-alumni of The 2016 Senior Executive Leaders Program

Lloyd DeVaux, President and CEO at Sunstate Bank, believes firmly that people aren’t born leaders. Rather, leadership must be developed — and development is a continual process, he says. So, it’s no surprise that Lloyd himself participated in The Senior Executive Leaders Program at The Center for Leadership at FIU.

Amplify your Leadership with a whisper

I'm trying to help people think about leadership differently, as something we practice, not just achieve and stop learning. Every leader can continually be advancing her or his skills.” This was the goal for Dr. Nathan J. Hiller’s keynote presentation at the LEAD2017 Conference, held recently in Nashville, TN, and presented annually by

President of University College of The Cayman Islands praises Center for Leadership

For a second year, the Center for Leadership at Florida International University (FIU) and the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) are partnering to deliver the FIU/UCCI Executive Certificate in Global Leadership program at UCCI’s campus in Grand Cayman – and receiving high praise.

Be a smart disruptor… Advice from President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises

Shaking things up a bit, reinventing what you do, being an agent for change. These forms of disruption can help you become a successful leader if you’re smart about it, according to Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises, part of Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Taking charge… An alumna’s story

When Milady Cervera came to The Women Leaders Program (formerly titled “Women on the Move”) at the Center for Leadership in 2010, she was already a proven leader in her field. Her career at Baptist Health of South Florida which started in 1999 had resulted in her position as Business Manager for their South Miami Heart Center.

FIU Center for Leadership outranks Ivy Leagues to nab top awards for programs

Leadership Excellence Essentials magazine, a publication of, named Florida International University’s Center for Leadership as the recipient of two prestigious LEAD2017 Awards. The announcement was made February 8, 2017, at the awards dinner of the annual two-day LEAD Conference held this year in Nashville, TN, with the full list of award recipients and rankings published in the February issue of the magazine.

Ranked #1! The Center for Leadership at FIU again grabs top honor by

Florida International University’s Center for Leadership was once again named top provider of open-enrollment executive leadership development programs by and Leadership Excellence Magazine.

Adam Goldstein: Hard lessons of leadership

There are those who don’t want to be leaders – and for good reasons. After all, leaders live pretty intense lives and will never achieve 100% support, points out Adam Goldstein, President and COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

How should YOU lead during this presidential transition?

Over the coming months leaders should keep one thing in mind: to a large extent, it doesn’t matter what YOU think about this transition. Effective leadership is often not about you. Much of effective leadership is about your employees and your team, who, for the most part, are the ones getting things done.

PRINCIPALS MAKE A DIFFERENCE – The Center's work to be featured at annual Carnegie Summit

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT) has selected the Center for Leadership at Florida International University to present its work on principal leadership at CFAT’s annual Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education. The summit will be held in San Francisco, California, on March 22-24, 2016.

Who’s your Leader of the Year?

As each year draws to a close, many “Year in Review” lists trumpet the leaders who succeeded over the past year and point out which ones booted their organizations to a downward spiral. Fortune magazine recently published its list of the top five leaders for 2016.

Need to springboard your career? Get yourself a Superboss!

“A superboss is, first, an icon in their industry, someone who has successfully pioneered new business models, products or services that have generated billions of dollars,” says leadership expert Dr. Sydney Finkelstein.

Our favorite moments of #SusanLTaylorDay

The Leadership Lectures, presented by the FIU Center for Leadership, and in partnership with Mercantil Commercebank, had a stellar launch to their 2016-2017 season with more than 250 guests attending. Since 2009, The Center has featured world-class, accomplished and influential leaders with expertise ranging from business and philanthropy to public service and academic research- that is, the people who deliver results!

How to achieve bold, visionary leadership — even in turbulent times

If you want to lead boldly, if you want to be a visionary, make sure you spend time turning away from the outside world, away from the mirror. “Pay attention to what you’re carrying in your own head, what’s going on inside your own soul,” advises Susan L. Taylor, former editor of Essence Magazine and Founder & CEO of National CARES Mentoring Movement.

What my Boss told me

These days, we’re seeing politicians making different speeches and almost adopting different personas when they are addressing various groups. For instance, when speaking to union members, the politician speaks fundamentally differently than, say, when addressing Wall Street leaders. But what about in companies and organizations? Should a boss present herself one way with a certain group of people and another way to others? Should a leader share certain things with one group than he does with another?

Powerhouse lineup announced for the 2016-17 Leadership Lectures series

Once again bringing outstanding leadership insight to our community, the Center for Leadership at Florida International University (FIU) has announced speakers for their popular Leadership Lectures series taking place during the 2016-17 academic year.

Indiana University East professor to receive the 2016 Outstanding Dissertation Award.

A dissertation paper authored by Dr. Wongun Goo and featuring groundbreaking insights on the effects of visionary leadership has won the 2016 Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award. The award is given by the Center for Leadership at Florida International University in partnership with the Network of Leadership Scholars.

Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) returns to FIU for 3rd straight year.

This summer for the third consecutive year, Florida International University (FIU) will welcome to campus a select group of emerging leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa, a part of President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

Congratulations, Dr. Manuel Sanchez, Principal of the Year!

“The 2016 Miami-Dade County Public School Principal of the Year is … Dr. Manuel Sanchez!” When those words announced the winner of the coveted title at the awards ceremony at Jungle Island on April 21, 2016, Manuel Sanchez III, principal of Miami Lakes Middle School, received the top recognition from the District for his achievements, talent and leadership.

Are you speaking up and being heard? Study examines the implications of employee voice.

Most of us think our own ideas are terrific, whether it’s about how something could be achieved or how a problem can be solved. And many organizations and managers seek such input – indeed it can help create new products, fix problems, and help organizations improve. But how is your input viewed by your boss?

Define your sky!

Romaine Seguin, President of UPS Americas Region, shares her thoughts on setting your vision and its impact on effective leadership. Whether your goal is to be the best part-time supervisor in your department or to be CEO of the company, either is fine. Just know what you want. “Define your sky” is the way Romaine Seguin, President of UPS Americas Region, puts it.

The Children’s Movement’s Vance Aloupis to be honored as CFL’s Emerging Leader 2016

“The future of our state is literally resting on the shoulders of its youngest citizens,” says Vance Aloupis, CEO, The Children’s Movement of Florida, “How we nurture, educate and care for our youngest children, from birth to age five, will set them on a path for the rest of their lives. My vision is that Florida can, and will, be the best state in the nation for young children.”

A Conversation With Harve Mogul

Nothing makes a difference in a community more than how individual citizens become engaged, bringing their values, knowledge, and skills to shape the future of their neighborhood, their city, their region.

Leading groups just requires common sense … right?

Being an effective boss to Ethan or Sarah or Jamal is not the same as leading all three – or thirty-three – members of a team. Researchers are scrambling to discover insight on how to effectively lead a team and the results prove such leadership is not common sense.

Women leaders discover how to fight the “being bossy” label.

An overheard remark outside your office makes you feel that gender parity in leadership is a thousand miles away: “Suzanne’s team had great results this quarter but she’s so bossy. Glad I don’t work for her.” In order to move ahead, an executive must be seen as strong and competent. Yet if a woman makes a point of seeming competent, she is less likely to be perceived as warm, and could face a backlash or even considered less favorably for promotions.

FIU's Center for Leadership to launch Senior Executive Leaders Program May 4-6.

The Center for Leadership at Florida International University (FIU) has announced the newest program in their lineup of programs geared for a specific group of leaders. The Senior Executive Leaders Program will be launched on May 4-6, 2016.

Searching for Excellence-Center for Leadership to award annual prize for leadership dissertation

The exciting connection between academic research and real world application will be celebrated for the 5th consecutive year at the Center for Leadership at Florida International University. The Center recently opened applications for The Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award which recognizes stellar new research that has substantial implications for leadership, regardless of industry.

Veteran Procter & Gamble executive caps off 2016 Leadership Lectures.

When someone with decades of leadership experience is able to hone down their wisdom in an easy-to-grasp concept, it makes for an interesting lecture. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the “5 E’s of Leadership” that expert Rizal Bragagnini has created. Each “E” is jam-packed with information, insight, and practical applications.

Centers for Disease Control selects FIU’s Center for Leadership for executive development.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) selected the Center for Leadership (The Center) at Florida International University (FIU) to design and deliver a “Maximizing Your Leadership Impact” program for a select group of managers within the CDC.

I’ve never been afraid to lead.

Few leaders get the chances to lead that Manuel “Manny” Medina has created. Known as the South Florida Tech Pioneer, Mr. Medina is the founding and managing partner of Medina Capital, a private equity firm investing in innovative companies in the cybersecurity, big data, software-as-a-service, and mobility markets.