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Taking charge… An alumna’s story

milady hero

When Milady Cervera came to The Women Leaders Program at the Center for Leadership in 2010, she was already a proven leader in her field. Her career at Baptist Health of South Florida which started in 1999 had resulted in her position as Business Manager for their South Miami Heart Center.

Since participating in The Center’s program, Milady has earned two additional promotions. First, she was named as Director of Operations for Baptist Health and within a short period of time was announced as their Assistant Vice President of Operations.

“In many ways, the Women’s program at the Center for Leadership was instrumental in helping me advance,” Milady says. “First, participating in this program was an outstanding opportunity for me to work with other women in similar leadership roles and some in higher positions than mine such as CEOs or Vice Presidents. I was inspired seeing how other women had achieved their goals and I resolved to formulate and then attain goals for myself. Great motivation!”

Milady says that through the Women’s program at The Center she learned valuable techniques, especially gaining methods as to how to strategically align herself in her organization. She also learned important research-based recommendations for leading a staff, how to leverage her strengths and how to sharpen her decisions – skills that she immediately began to utilize at Baptist Health.

When asked if she would recommend this women’s program to others, Milady’s quick response is,

“Absolutely. Without a shadow of a doubt,” she says.

She adds, “The Center for Leadership gives us a safe environment to discuss issues that are particularly important to women leaders,” she says. “Participating in a program just for women is an uncommon and quite valuable opportunity. I am certainly grateful for the opportunity.”

The Center for Leadership at Florida International University is preparing tomorrow’s leaders today, with research-based executive programs and engaging lectures from practitioners that improve how aspiring, rookie and senior leaders guide their teams. Attending any one of their Spring 2017 programs will be the game-changer in your ability to catapult your leadership capabilities and drive organizational success in 2017 and beyond.

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