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FIU's Center for Leadership to launch Senior Executive Leaders Program May 4-6.

The Center for Leadership at Florida International University (FIU) has announced the newest program in their lineup of programs geared for a specific group of leaders. The Senior Executive Leaders Program will be launched on May 4-6, 2016.

This program for senior executives integrates cutting-edge research and expertise with individual assessments to create a customized portfolio of resources for effective leadership development and training. “The best leaders are continually developing their skills to increase the positive impact they have on their organization,” points out Dr. Nathan J. Hiller, Academic Director for The Center, and Faculty Director of the Senior Executive Leaders Program.

Dr. Hiller confirms that people have asked The Center to come up with this type of program, in order to enable the key leaders of an organization to be even more effective. “During the three-day program, a team of carefully selected facilitators from FIU and other select universities will be presenting research that helps the senior executive hone his or her ability to influence significant portions of the team,” he says. “Participants will greatly increase their understanding of the direction they need to take, develop an action plan for energizing the organization, and develop their creative thinking in systemic ways for innovative solutions.”

Program sessions delve into such areas as how to get buy-in for your efforts regardless of your leadership style, how to lead units and organizations through significant transformations, and how the drive team productivity and profit by capitalizing on diverse perspectives, says Dr. Hiller. Each participant will also receive personal one-on-one coaching.

“It’s a jam-packed agenda, yet one of the greatest benefits is the peer interaction. Participants are surprised to discover that people in very different industries struggle with similar problems,” says Dr. Hiller. “As people, we tend to cluster with people who are already around us. But participation in The Center’s programs allows individuals to access and develop a broad and diverse network of individuals.”

“This program is designed for executives who are one or two levels below the CEO. Leaders who have substantial experience and significant responsibilities,” says Mayra Beers, Ph.D., Director of The Center. “New C-suite executives, Senior Vice Presidents and similar executives — whether in marketing, finance, or operations – will find that the Senior Executive Leaders Program adds critical leadership skills to their portfolios at an important time in their careers.”

The Senior Executive Leader Program will be held at the Bonaventure Resort and Spa in Weston, Florida. For more information this and all other Center programs visit or call (305) 348-LEAD (5323).