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Jill Hellman


International Speaker & Global Innovation Strategist

Jill Hellman is an international speaker and global innovation strategist.  She specializes in helping organizations and high performers to stay ahead of the curve and innovate at speed.

Jill has stood on top of the world in Greenland and Iceland addressing tourism ministers and educators from the Nordic nations, taken the stage in Finland before a US President took the stage at a connected event, addressed world leaders from the Mediterranean on the idyllic island nation of Malta, was one of the US citizens invited to speak to the business community in the country of Bulgaria, fundraised for private equity globally, advised on a new, digital retail strategy in the Middle East for a company that owns and operates 150 retail locations, executed strategic initiatives at a $19 Billion retailer in the US, grew hospitality investments while in Asia, and served as an external advisor working with the global head of innovation at McKinsey & Company. She has been a keynote speaker, advisor, and business leader in more than 25 countries encompassing Western & Eastern Europe, the Nordic Region, the Middle East, Asia, and North & South America.  

Jill has sat on several boards of directors, including both corporate and non-profit organizations. She has also appeared in books, blogs, online media, and television news.  She holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

 She currently teaches “Key Drivers for Making Innovation Happen” at Cornell University.