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Ebony Smith


For the past 20 years, Ebony Smith, Executive Coach, has worked in the Fortune 100 for Ryder, Sunoco Logistics, BP Integrated Supply and Trading, and World Fuel Services. Ebony has a B.S. in Chemistry from Philadelphia University and a M.S. Environmental Protection and Safety Management from St. Joseph’s University of Philadelphia.

She began her career in the operations and logistics side of the energy industry and eventually made her way to sales, marketing and oil origination, where she successfully developed her industry niche. For 13 years, Ebony worked with exploration and production, industrial users, refiners, maritime and aviation companies on contract oil supply and energy oil price hedging using financial derivatives.

Several years later, Ebony felt that something was missing so she decided to shift the way she was functioning in corporate America. Ebony started her own Creative Insight Journey and she found the tools to change her trajectory. The years that followed lead to personal and professional transformation through- reading, meditating, heuristics and personal reflection writing. After a 2014 trip to Bhutan and hiking in the Himalayas, Ebony decided to become a Certified Executive Coach, a Creative Insights Journey trainer, Hypnotist, and MBTI Certified Practitioner. Ebony now sets out to help others find their bliss. She discovered her Ebenum Equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture plus a deep rooted passion for personal transformation can equal a life worth living.