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About the Center

At the Center for Leadership, we are dedicated to exploring leadership thought and practice through continuous research, providing opportunities for leaders to develop keen self-insight, and teaching leadership competencies that will equip them to meaningfully transform their organizations and their societies. Through our research, executive development programs, and community engagement opportunities, we are building better leaders for a better world[Read More]


Explore Our Leadership Programs

At the Center for Leadership at FIU, leadership development is our work and our passion. We partner with great leaders to help them find ways to become even better – every day. For leaders to position themselves to make better decisions more often, to get the best out of themselves and others, and to deliver results, Center programs focus on two epicenters of leadership development: self-insight and developable skills.

The ROI of Leadership Development

In a survey of over 2,500 leaders from companies in 94 countries, developing leadership was rated as the most urgent internal issue facing the organization – by far.

And when it comes to developing leaders, it’s not about just developing senior executive leaders, but developing leadership capacity at ALL levels of the organization. Organizations know they need to be doing this.

"We're trying to help people think about leadership differently, as something we practice, not just who we are. Every leader should continually grow their leadership toolkit."

- Dr. Nathan J. Hiller
Executive Director of The Center

What leadership capabilities should you be developing?

Research shows that good leaders can become great, and even great leaders should continue to develop, reflect, hone their skills, and learn new strategies. Assess yourself or your organization with The Leadership Competency Builder by clicking on the button below.

Companies paying attention to developing leadership at all levels

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