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It's not how old you are that matters!

When’s Leadership Excellence magazine awarded two prestigious, first-place LEAD Awards to Florida International University’s Center for Leadership, it was the fifth straight year The Center earned top honors for its executive leadership development programs. The 2018 wins were based on the fundamental formula for the curriculum of all Center programs offered in its young 10-year history: (1) help executives understand themselves better and (2) teach them developable leadership skills with proven impact.

Leadership Competency Model: You have it. Now what?

Your organization probably has a leadership competency model. It has probably been carefully crafted, with significant thought and heated debates like “Should we use the word ‘adaptability’ or does ‘proactive’ better get at the core of what we mean?” Yet regardless of how carefully thought out your model is, I have observed three significant traps of leadership competency models during my work and interaction with organizations of various stripes and sizes.

No “waiting your turn” necessary in Miami

They’re young and influential … talented … on fire … and ready to increase their leadership role in the Miami area. Sixteen individuals have been selected for Miami Fellows Class VIII, now underway. This Miami Foundation program, which began in 1999, identifies individuals 5 to 15 years into their professional careers who are inspired by the Miami community’s potential, have demonstrated ethical leadership, and have the dedication to do more.

Learn and Prepare! How to lead through crises

When Arnold Donald was appointed in July, 2013 as CEO of Carnival Corporation, the world's largest cruise ship operator, the company had been traveling through some rough waters including the 2012 wreck of the Costa Concordia, part of Carnival-owned Costa Cruises, and then fire disabling the Carnival Triumph the next year.

Women Leaders are Good for Business – and Business is Good for Women Leaders.

The message was loud and clear from United Nations Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka: more than ever, women in leadership positions are needed in the business world -- an arena working hard to empower women. “When women lead side by side with men, it is good for equality and democracy. It is good for peace and stability,” said Dr. Mlambo-Ngcuka in a recent address. “It is good for business and the bottom line.”

Father of Positive Psychology kicks off The Leadership Lectures.

The father of Positive Psychology is the first presenter in the 2013-14 Leadership Lectures series. Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D., whose work on learned helplessness, depression, optimism and pessimism has gained acclaim in academic and clinical circles, will present his thoughts on leadership on Friday, October 18 at 10:00 a.m. on the Modesto A. Maidique campus of Florida International University (FIU).

The Trickle-Down Effect- A Case for the Humble CEO.

Humility in leadership has a new champion! With an insightful look at the cascading effects of humble chief executive officers (CEOs), Dr. Amy Yi Ou, assistant professor of the business school at the National University of Singapore, has won the 2013 Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award.

Alberto Ibargüen to be Honored at The Chapman Leadership Honors by the FIU Center for Leadership.

Alberto Ibargüen will receive this year’s Transcendent Leader Award presented by the Center for Leadership at Florida International University. He will be recognized at The Chapman Leadership Honors, an annual event named for Alvah H. Chapman, Jr., a businessman who championed arts, education and social causes that continue to benefit society.

A Team of Leadership Experts Ready to “Rock” the Leadership Development World.

Author, professor, researcher and leadership expert Fred Walumbwa, PhD, has joined the faculty of the College of Business at Florida International University (FIU) and has been named to the Academic Advisory Board of FIU’s Center for Leadership.

Leadership Pioneer Tichy Encourages Students to “Get Out and Get Involved.”

When it comes to developing leadership skills, experience may be the best teacher. “Get out in the field. Become involved and stay involved,” said Noel M. Tichy, professor of Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan. He spoke as part of The Leadership Lectures series presented by The Center for Leadership at Florida International University (FIU).

FIU Center for Leadership’s Board of Advisors Elects Manuel Gonzalez as New Chairman.

Manuel Gonzalez, president of MGM Consulting, has been elected as the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Center for Leadership at FIU. Among his many responsibilities as Chairman, Manuel Gonzalez will use his business expertise to extend the Center’s reach locally, regionally, and internationally; interact with members of the student body as well as faculty; lead efforts to acquire long-term funding for the Center; and serve as a withstanding bridge to the business community.

Women on the Move Joins FIU Leadership Brand

Florida International University’s Center for Leadership has rebranded its executive leadership program to bring it in line with the center’s other offerings. The Women on the Move program, which completed its 10th annual program last month, is now known as The Women Leaders Program, Said Dr. Joyce Elam, faculty director of the program and former executive dean of FIU’s College of Business Administration.

Dr. Noel Tichy to Speak at The Leadership Lectures Series at FIU

The Center for Leadership at Florida International University is pleased to announce that Dr. Noel Tichy, a distinguished professor, renowned author and an expert at training leaders in Fortune 500 companies, will visit the Modesto Maidique campus on June 4.

The Miami Foundation Partners with FIU Center for Leadership for Miami Fellows VII Program

If you want high potential professionals to be taught leadership skills, go to the experts. That’s the thinking behind the Center for Leadership at Florida International University being called upon for the leadership development portions of the Miami Fellows program.

Mitch Maidique Honored as a Living Legend by Miami Today.

Dr. Modesto “Mitch” Maidique, who served as president of Florida International University (FIU) for over half of its history and is the current executive director of FIU’s Center for Leadership, has been named as one of 30 Living Legends selected by Miami Today.

Positive Leadership. Improve Effectiveness and Happiness.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A BETTER LEADER? Would you like to be happier? If so, you’re in luck. The scientific study of happiness and the systematic study of leadership are converging. Although leadership and positive psychology are relatively new fields of scientific inquiry, the study of leadership and happiness is as old as civilization itself.

Does Your Boss Make You Sick? Exploring the Leader’s Influence on Employee Well-Being.

Leaders have long been influential in a wide variety of issues, a list that continues to increase: workers’ productivity, job satisfaction, workplace morale, employee opportunities and more. Now the connection between leadership and another issue -- the health of employees and the leader -- is being explored thanks to a research opportunity from the Center for Leadership at Florida International University.

The Challenge of the Young CEO: Earning the Respect of the More Seasoned Worker.

Abe Ng was a toddler when some of his current employees were getting married, having kids and achieving other markers on life’s journey. Yet Mr. Ng, now 39 years old, leads a diverse group of employees to new levels of success as president, founder and CEO of Sushi Maki, South Florida’s award-winning leader in innovative Japanese cuisine.

Working on the Razor’s Edge: The Challenge of Leading in High Stress Professions.

They have some of the toughest jobs on the planet. First responders. Hotline workers. Correctional officers. EMTs. Triage nurses. Working on the razor's edge, these employees in the public and private sectors and non-profit arenas, face a level of stress not found in ordinary careers.

Carnival’s Cahill shares a leader’s journey of risk and reward.

As Gerry Cahill explained it, he started life as a less-than-promising student who flunked first grade. Yet by taking calculated risks and working hard in every job he was given, Cahill’s career path brought him to the top job at Carnival Cruise Lines, the flagship brand of Miami’s Carnival Corp.

MITCH MAIDIQUE: What Greater Miami can do to Achieve Greatness.

Few cities in the nation seem to evoke both awe and disbelief as frequently as Miami. In 2011 we were ranked the eighth "most walkable" city in America and the following year among its "most dangerous." We have been among the "most optimistic, the "most overpriced" and our skyline was named "most impressive." Groups have ranked our citizens as "most attractive," "most vain," and "most unhealthy."

FIU Center for Leadership’s 2013 Executive Leadership Programs Hit High Gear.

The nationally ranked Center for Leadership at FIU today announced their 2013 Executive Leadership Development program schedule. These programs aim to provide leaders with the competencies that will positively transform their organizations and the society they impact.

Center for Leadership at FIU Appoints Alexandra Villoch to the Board of Advisors.

Alexandra Villoch, senior vice president of marketing and advertising at The Miami Herald Company, has been appointed to the Board of Advisors of the Center for Leadership at FIU. Among her many responsibilities as a board member, Ms. Villoch will use her business expertise to lead and assist the Center.

Applications for the 2013 Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award now Being Accepted.

Because dissertation research and writing can advance the study of leadership, for the second year the Center for Leadership at Florida International University is sponsoring the Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award in partnership with the Network of Leadership Scholars.

Product Innovation: How Disruption Leads to Innovation.

Disruption is an occurrence from which many leaders might shy away. But disruption should actually be sought after, according to Manny Gonzalez in his recent white paper “Product Innovation: How disruption produces progress.” Mr. Gonzalez makes the point that innovation, particularly product innovation, is disruptive because it purposefully moves away from what is, to what can be, to what will be.

Recent rankings confirm College of Business’ excellence.

Three rankings, based on a wide variety of criteria, underscore that the College of Business at Florida International University (FIU) offers high-quality educational experiences to a wide range of learners in an environment that welcomes diversity.

FIU Center for Leadership Receives National Recognition For Leadership Development.

The Center for Leadership at FIU was recognized by Leadership Excellence magazine as one of the top leadership development organizations in the nation. The center is ranked top 10 in the South, and second in the state of Florida. The Center for Leadership was the only other Florida school along with Rollins College to be included in the national ranking list and one of eleven southern schools, including Duke University, Vanderbilt University, Emory University, and the University of North Carolina.

Panel of experts presents new research on international leadership.

Florida International University (FIU), South Florida’s leading business school with a unique expertise in international business, provided the appropriate setting for the “Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty: The Evolving Leader in a World without Borders” research colloquium.

The Leader's Toolbox

The work of senior managers proceeds in a choppy, dynamic manner that puts a premium on the efficient use of time. Decisions are often made - or delegated - in an instant, or after very brief and limited consultation. In such a context, it is not surprising that experienced managers resort to judgmental heuristics, "rules of thumb" to hone in on a decision.

The Leadership Lectures at FIU’s Center for Leadership Attracts Corporate Sponsorship.

The buzz around The Leadership Lectures, presented by the Center for Leadership at Florida International University, has been ongoing! Enough so that Mercantil Commercebank has signed on as corporate sponsors of the series for three years.

Today: 2012 Leadership Research Colloquium kicks off at FIU

For those people passionate about the subject of leadership, what’s better than learning up-to-the-minute research in the field? Answer: actually hearing about the research from the people deeply involved in the studies.

Center Announces "2012 Call for Proposals" on Leadership Research.

In an ongoing effort to advance the study of leadership, the Center for Leadership in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University (FIU) is currently accepting proposals for research projects in the area of leadership and leadership development. The opportunity is open to all faculty members or post-doctoral researchers at any university in Florida.

Don't Challenge Before You Train- That's a Recipe for Burnout!

Today's economy has forced business executives to do more with less. But when it comes to preparing leaders for everyday challenges within their company, Dr. Stephen Courtright, an assistant professor of management at the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, says executives should not skimp on costly training.

Inaugural Leadership Dissertation Award Given for Research on Preventing Executive Burnout.

Every executive wants the leaders within their company to rise to the occasion. Some of them shine. But some burn out. Why does this happen to some leaders and not others? And how can executives prevent burnout?

FIU Center for Leadership Launches Annual Event to Spotlight Transcendent Leaders.

"Running a major senior high school is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, it doesn't get easier as the years go by," says Dr. Nicholas JacAngelo, principal of Miami Coral Park Senior High School. "But the Principals Leadership Program at Florida International University was definitely a change agent for me. I say without hesitation that this was one of the more well-developed programs I have ever attended."

What do I --? How do I --? Should I --? The Center for Leadership tackles important in-the-news topics.

Blink - and the world changes. New situations emerge. Once-unimaginable circumstances occur once, twice, then sometimes with amazing frequency. New episodes happen today that never tested leaders in the past.

A telecommunications leader and motivational writer shares his thoughts on leadership.

Robert E. "Bob" Knowling, Jr. grew to international fame as a corporate change agent in the telecommunications industry and as an innovative leader in education. His success story has been featured in Business Week, Forbes and Fortune among other publications.

Predictable - and surprising-- factors influencing women's participation in political leadership

Dr. Bullough, who earned her PhD in Management and International Business at FIU in 2008 and is now an assistant professor at Thunderbird University, studied the various factors that affect women's participation in politics and business around the world. But no one ever took on the huge project of studying those factors worldwide until Amanda Bullough, then a doctoral student at Florida International University, made that the subject of her dissertation.

Personal plans for advancement help Baptist Health executives be "Women on the Move."

When Roymi Membiela attended the executive leadership development program "Women on the Move" at Florida International University (FIU), she was an assistant vice president at Baptist Health South Florida. At a recent reunion of program participants from Baptist Health, Membiela was now the organization's new corporate vice president of marketing and public relations.

Miami-Dade County officials participate in intense one-day leadership program at FIU.

Imagine a meeting of busy government officials where everyone arrived on time, came prepared, weren’t checking their electronic devices constantly, participated enthusiastically, stayed for the entire all-day event—and best of all, left with substantial new knowledge about leadership.

What are the top five strengths women executives have? You might be surprised.

Are you the type of person who loves learning, whether it's devouring the latest bestseller on memory techniques or something as simple as mastering rules to a new game? Do you have a knack for relating well to the people in your life, everybody from co-workers to condo neighbors?

Top business, community and civic leaders convene at FIU to chart Miami’s course.

Nearly 100 influential community leaders gathered at The Miami Leadership Summit to discuss positioning the region as a global competitor economically, culturally and socially. The event, presented by Florida International University’s (FIU) Center for Leadership on January 17, 2012, was the brainchild of FIU’s president emeritus Modesto A. Maidique, who serves as the center’s executive director.

In Honor of Black History Month: 7 Leadership Lessons we can learn from Black Leaders

Ever since I was a student in elementary school, I have always had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a variety of amazing Black History Month programs. These programs help us to celebrate our culture and remember the leaders and ancestry of our past which has enabled us to have the privileges that we possess today.

Leadership Lecture series kicks off Feb.8

The Center for Leadership will launch its Leadership Lecture series Feb. 8 with a presentation by Mary C. Gentile, a pioneer in business ethics. Gentile’s lecture, “The ‘How’ of Business Ethics” will address the questions: “What if I were going to act on my values? What would I say and do? How could I be most effective?”

The Future is Now! Miami Leadership Summit hosted by FIU's Center for Leadership.

"We are not starting from scratch; great leadership is here for us to rally behind and support, to collaborate with." This was the remark of one of the invited community leaders at the Miami Leadership Summit held on January 17, 2012, at the Center for Leadership at Florida International University.

Subscription rate soars for Center for Leadership’s “Leading” newsletter.

John F. Kennedy said “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” That reasoning explains the success of Leading, the electronic quarterly newsletter launched in 2011 by the Center for Leadership in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University (FIU).

"Interest" trumps "skills" says Procter & Gamble top executive.

In his illustrious business career, Manuel "Manny" Gonzalez has been the leader of literally thousands of employees. For the last 22 years, he has held various marketing and sales leadership positions at Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of the most respected companies in the world, with annual sales of over $82.6 billion dollars.

FIU Report: Women-led businesses find value in social responsibility

Even in this struggling economy, women business-owners in Florida continue to value social responsibility - by enacting environmentally friendly policies, adopting green technologies, or giving back to their communities - as an important driver for their business, according to The Women Entrepreneurial Leaders report conducted by Florida International University's Center for Leadership.

Companies should be an incubator for talent of all ages, Harvard professor tells leadership group.

If you think you’re smart at age 30, wait until you see how brilliant you can be at age 60. Or older. That happy news was a key message in “The Further Reaches of Adult Development,” a lecture by Harvard University professor Robert Kegan.

Intuition is more than just trusting your gut

If intuition is the muse in CEO decision-making, does it make for better decisions? That's the subject of an article by Dr. Modesto Maidique appearing on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. Dr. Maidique, President Emeritus of Florida International University (FIU) and Executive Director of FIU's Center for Leadership, also serves as a visiting professor at Harvard University.

"Women to Watch" event gathers together Florida's entrepreneurial leaders on November 2.

Learning more about what it takes to run a successful business and honoring those Florida women achieving entrepreneurial success is the focus of the "Women to Watch: Florida's Entrepreneurial Leaders 2011" event on Wednesday, November 2. This exciting day-long experience, presented by the College of Business Administration's Center for Leadership and the Eugenio Pino and Family Global Entrepreneurship Center, will be held on the campus of Florida International University.

Decoding intuition leads to better decision-making

It turns out that when it comes to CEO critical thinking, intuition is not what people think it is. That's the subject of an article by Dr. Modesto Maidique appearing on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. Dr. Maidique, President Emeritus of Florida International University (FIU) and Executive Director of FIU's Center for Leadership, also serves as a visiting professor at Harvard University.

Who is a level six leader?

Answering the question "Whom do you serve?" is an excellent way of determining the type of leader a person truly is. That's the thrust of a fascinating and insightful article "Are You a Level-Six Leader?" by Dr. Modesto Maidique in the current issue of the Harvard Business Review. Dr. Maidique, President Emeritus of Florida International University (FIU) and Executive Director of FIU's Center for Leadership, also serves as a visiting professor at Harvard University.

Miami-Dade County principals receive intensive leadership enhancement.

With almost 35 years in education and as principal of a top-performing high school of 3,000 students, Nick JacAngelo might be a hard man to impress. But the 2011 Principals Leadership Development Program at Florida International University (FIU) made a huge impact on him.

ROI: Sleep and Effective Decision-Making by Robert Dollinger, MD

Sure, the boardroom and the corner office play key roles in effective decision-making. But another room has significant impact: the bedroom. A good night's sleep allows the mind to do effective strategic thinking and formulate workable plans, recent research finds. Because there is power in a well-rested body and mind, you can sleep your way to the top - but you can't cut corners.

Lasting, positive changes made possible through "Women on the Move."

"I was thoroughly impressed with how the 'Women on the Move' program helped me better understand my strengths, make positive changes and develop an on-going strategy for my business," said Maria Elena Aitken, one of 22 women who participated in the leadership program developed and presented by the Center for Leadership in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University (FIU).

Joyce J. Elam's Work Recognized by Mentoring Association

"Joyce J. Elam is a true visionary," said Lindsay Hyde, founder and president of Strong Women, Strong Girls, a nationally recognized mentoring program. "Her pioneering efforts have not only brought awareness to the work that women are already doing but also have provided education and training for more women to take their place as principled leaders in their field."

New program from FIU's Center for Leadership helps corporate executives soar to success

The High Potential Leader program delivers concrete ideas that program participants can start using right away. Multi-day program includes one-on-one executive coaching and help preparing an action plan for returning to the workplace. There's no place quite like the director's level. The CEO of a company may fly high at 15,000 feet; entry level managers keep steady at 1,000 feet. But the highly talented director must skillfully soar by keeping a keen eye in both directions.

Tips for Developing High-Potential Talent

A survey conducted by Right Management in November 2010 found that 84% of employees intend to leave their jobs in 2011. This astounding number raises serious concerns for business owners and managers as turnover can be very costly. Add to this that those employees most likely to leave are typically the ones you want most to retain. They are your high-potential performers who are hungry for opportunity and willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next level.

Empowering new generation of leaders for Miami

Last Sunday, The Miami Herald asked a question that comes at a defining moment in our history and will determine whether our community meets the challenges of the future in a way that ensures our place among the great global cities: Where are our leaders?

Max Planck researcher offers insights on decision making

How do you make your best or most important decisions . . . especially when you don't have a lot of time to decide? Do you evaluate all the options carefully, plan a path, modify it and then act with the knowledge that you've done all the necessary preparation to ensure your choice is the wisest one?

School principals become students during FIU Center for Leadership training program

MIAMI - Principals from more than two dozen Miami-Dade public schools will learn how to be more effective leaders in their schools and communities this week at a unique training program at FIU. Florida International University's Center for Leadership's Principals Leadership Development Program (PLDP) was designed by FIU President Emeritus Modesto A. Maidique and his staff to teach proven business practices based on groundbreaking research by FIU, other leading businesses and schools, and management centers around the world.

Decision-Making 101: Rules of Thumb

Whether you are a hardened executive or a fresh-faced intern, successfully navigating the obstacles of your daily life requires making decisions. And when it comes to managing people, the burden of decision making takes on an even more prominent role as the stakes are often much higher.

Revenues down but spirits up for women business leaders, reports FIU survey

The recession has had a major impact on Florida businesses and non-profit organizations. But, overwhelmingly, women executives throughout the state demonstrate confidence, hope, resilience and optimism. Those findings are from the 2010 Florida's Woman-led Businesses study, the fifth of its kind conducted by the Center for Leadership at Florida International University.

Women's summit affords opportunity for male point of view

Over the course of the two-day Empowered Woman Success Summit and Expo in November in Miami, hundreds of attendees heard dozens of accomplished women share multiple insights on career success. Amid the presentations by women, "The Male Panel" brought together six men to explore "what men think about working with women and how they think women could be more effective in their careers."