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President of University College of The Cayman Islands praises Center for Leadership

Praises for the Center for Leadership

For a second year, the Center for Leadership at Florida International University (FIU) and the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) are partnering to deliver the FIU/UCCI Executive Certificate in Global Leadership program at UCCI’s campus in Grand Cayman – and receiving high praise.

“We regard FIU as a very prestigious partner because of its research and academic excellence and we are pleased to have the Center for Leadership with us for a second year of the program.”

– President of UCCI, J.A. Roy Bodden, JP.

“We have gotten excellent feedback from people in this program about the significant value that The Center brings to us.”

The current program, which began in October 2016 and concludes in May 2017, provides participants with the knowledge and skills relevant to global leadership in business, organizations, and government. The program consists of a range of business and management topics presented as intensive sessions over a weekend (Friday/Saturday) once every month. Programs such as these for UCCI are what earned The Center its 2017 #1 global ranking by Leadership Excellence Magazine and, for custom designed leadership development programming by an academic institution.

“The interactive approach that FIU faculty members have creates an interesting dynamic for participants in the program,” said Dr. J.D. Mosley-Matchett, Dean of Graduate Studies and Professional Development at UCCI. “This year’s class happens to consist of almost all government officials and this is a particularly beneficial method of learning for them.”

“Just as with all programs we conduct at The Center, our approach to leadership helps participants gain self-insight and learn developable skills,” said Dr. Nathan Hiller, Academic Director for the Center for Leadership and Associate Professor of Management and International Business at FIU, who presented his sessions in January.

“Our research-based findings cover a range of topics to help individuals take charge of, and strategically build, their leadership capacity.”

The FIU/UCCI program is indeed a collaborative effort with The Center leveraging academic expertise from across the university including Dr. Hock-Peng Sin, Associate Professor in the Department of Management and International Business; Dr. Joyce Elam, Dean Emeritus, University College and Program Director for The Center’s Women Leaders Program; Garth D. Headley, Director, Research Advocacy, Office of Research and Economic Development; and Dr. Mayra Beers, Director of Strategy and Implementation for The Center and a Knight Research Fellow.

“Part of our vision at The Center is to have leadership impact on communities beyond South Florida and even beyond the United States,” said Dr. Beers. “We are pleased to continue our partnership with UCCI.”

The FIU/UCCI’s Executive Certificate in Global Leadership program is a required part of UCCI’s Commonwealth of Learning Executive Master of Business Administration and Executive Master of Public Administration degree programs.

In addition to custom programs for specific companies, The Center’s open-enrollment leadership development offerings run throughout the year. The open-enrollment programs were also top ranked (#2) by Leadership Excellence and bested only by Carnegie Mellon in a category that included submissions from Cornell University (#4), The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania (#7), Vanderbilt University (#8), Stanford Continuing Studies (#9) and Harvard University (#10).

For more information on all Center for Leadership offerings, visit our website or call 305-348-LEAD.