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Dear Friends,

Step up and Step out! Tapping creativity, increasing market share, or grappling with dynamic global fluctuations in politics or finance is the daily portion of every leader. For the way we conduct business, lead our organizations, or create organizational cultures that stimulate innovative thinking, having access to diversity of thought and experience becomes an ever more important leadership skill.

It's then not surprising that our practitioner, Joe Caruncho, Founder of Preferred Care Partners (Featured Leader) and our researcher, Dr. Nathan Hiller (Research You Can Actually Use!) both speak to the effectiveness of senior executives with rich career experiences. These leaders approach organizational goals in innovative ways and are often more adept at developing cultures that allow strong employee engagement.

The conclusion: Successful leaders find ways to "step up and step out," at work, at home, or for the community.

Enjoy these pieces, and step out to join us in person this coming year when we will bring you several opportunities to meet and learn from the very best global speakers and thinkers at the Center's Leadership Lectures.

With Warm Regards,

Mayra E. Beers, Ph.D.
Director, FIU Center for Leadership.

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