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Women's History Month 2014: Celebrating women of character, courage and commitment.

It is unmistakable that here is a growing recognition of the contributions of women in leadership roles - yet many age-old challenges remain. The 2014 Women’s History Month should remind us to honor those who laid the groundwork for our own leadership, and to Celebrate Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment. At the Center, we are delighted that our community has outstanding women leaders such as Dr. Penny Shaffer, our featured leader this issue, and that we are able to work to provide leadership development opportunities to strengthen and develop new generations of women leaders.

To the many women leaders who helped to pave the way for our success, we salute you.

With Warm Regards,

Mayra E. Beers, Ph.D.
Director, FIU Center for Leadership.

In The News

"My aim is to get managers to think more critically and wisely."

His observations and writing have set the business world a’buzz, including his worldwide best-seller The Halo Effect: and the Eight Other Business Delusions That Deceive Managers, a book considered essential reading for all levels of ...  Continue Reading


Who says it’s a man’s world?

Women and men often negotiate very differently – and get different results. This can lead to gaps in pay, how women’s authority is perceived, and other disparities. This Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator will discuss how women can ... Continue Reading


An untapped resource: the introverted leader.

New research by FIU’s Center for Leadership shows that introverted leaders perform well – especially in the right environment. About 50 percent of people are introverts -- those reserved, introspective people who enjoy time alone to reenergize... Continue Reading




Leadership: the biggest building process of your life (no hard-hat required).

Learning to lead effectively is not accomplished by a single course, book, program, degree or even an on-the-job experience. Rather, leadership is an on-going building process in which new skills are added, developed and ... Continue Reading


Featured Leader

"Play your own game!"

Penny Shaffer
Market President,
Florida Blue

  “With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, enormous pressure is on the leaders of health care companies to skillfully lead their organizations through uncertain times. One leader who embraces the challenge is Penny S. Shaffer, Ph.D....Continue Reading  
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