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Dear Friends,

What makes for an enlightened leader? Enlightened leaders cultivate and exercise their ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve great things. In a culture that has become increasingly focused on negative finger-pointing and relishingthe perceived moral and ethical failings of leaders, enlightened leadership provides an alternative path to success.

My latest research on effective leadership points to the pivotal role of gratitude, the expression of appreciation and thanks, as a powerful arrow in the leader’s quiver.

The experienced executive may already know that in times of limited resources, gratitude, simply showing appreciation, mitigates the likelihood of employees being disengaged, uncommitted, or to be involved in disruptive behaviors. Research has shown that employees who feel appreciated are more likely to work faster and more efficiently. The result is both a better work environment and a better bottom line for the organization.

But what is also key to understand for the leader, are the personal benefits of gratitude. Research continues to mount that points to the act of expressing gratitude as a potent source for emotional well-being and health -- feelings of gratitude are incompatible with negative emotions. Negative and debilitating feelings of greed, contempt and bitterness for example, may be avoided by practicing gratitude. That is great news considering that these emotions could otherwise derail ethical and effective decision making, and be counterproductive in achieving organizational goals.

In this still relatively New Year, I encourage you to adopt an attitude of gratitude. The benefits for you and your organization will be evident in little time.

The best to you for 2013,

Modesto "Mitch" Maidique
Executive Director


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“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Jack Welch


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