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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the FIU Center for Leadership's quarterly newsletter - Leading. You are now connected to Florida's premier center for cutting-edge, executive leadership research and training!

The philosophy of the Center for Leadership is that the essential key to great leadership is ethical and effective decision making. To make such decisions, a leader must then endeavor to build a greater understanding of self, and a clarity as to whom he/she serves. Here at the center, we provide leaders with the tools necessary to make better decisions by offering opportunities to benefit from state-of-the-art research in leadership and innovative, practical solutions to build leadership capacity for individuals and organizations.

I invite you to visit our website, chec out our ongoing research projects and executive leadership development opportunities, and provide us with your feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Modesto "Mitch" Maidique
Executive Director


Dr. Nelson L. Adams, M.D.

Renowned medical pioneer and business leader shares Four C's of leadership
Dr. Adams says to be in your "A" game, a true leader has to have the "Four C's."

• Competence "Know your job thoroughly, your exact role and make sure you have the skills needed," he says. "Competence also means a sense of self"
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Are You a Level-Six Leader?

The central, most telling question to ask a leader is, whom do you serve?
Some leaders will tell you, using a popular descriptor, that they aspire to be "servant leaders." The question still remains, however, a servant to whom: to yourself, to your group, or to society?
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ROI: Sleep and Effective Decision-Making by Robert Dollinger, MD

A good night's sleep allows the mind to do effective strategic thinking and formulate workable plans, recent research finds. Because there is power in a well-rested body and mind, you can sleep your way to the top - but you can't cut corners.
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Max Planck researcher offers insights on decision making

How do you make your best or most important decisions... especially when you don't have a lot of time to decide? Do you evaluate all the options carefully, plan a path, modify it and then act with the knowledge that you've done all the necessary preparation to ensure your choice is the wisest one?
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New program from FIU's Center for Leadership helps corporate executives soar to success

Lasting, positive changes made possible through "Women on the Move."

"I was thoroughly impressed with how the 'Women on the Move' program helped me better understand my strengths, make positive changes and develop an on-going strategy for my business," said Maria Elena Aitken.
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Learn about our FIU Center for Leadership

John Mackey: What becomes a leader most? Authenticity.

  September 2011 Poll

Which is more true for you? Good leadership is defined by...

(A) Making a decision & sticking to it.

(B) Remaining flexible & being prepared to modify decisions.

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Featured Program   Spring 2012 Programs

Leading Decisions

Now in its 4th year, Leading Decisions is designed exclusively for presidents and C-Suite executives to help build capability for optimal decision making. The program is capped at 20 participants to ensure greater faculty / participant interaction and networking, and with continuous improvements, the 2012 program is gearing up to be our best yet.

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Leading Decisions
March 13 - 16

Women on the Move
April 17 - 20

The High Potential Leader
May 15 - 18

Principals Leadership Development Program
June 18 - 22

Participants Point of View   Quarterly Quote

"I actually spend very little time thinking about myself. The last three days gave me about 10 angles through which to view myself - especially my life journey. Leading Decisions is a great reminder that staying dedicated to, and improving one's "Self" is a critical part of maintaining a high performing team."

David Landsberg, Leading Decisions 2009
President and Publisher
The Miami Herald Media Co.


"To make good decisions you need to understand reality; to gain objective knowledge. To do this you must move beyond emotions - become detached from your emotions. You must then look at the problem from different perspectives. If you do this, something good will come of it."

- Dalai Lama
Miami, October 26, 2010


"I'm walking out of here today with a very definitive plan on what I'm going to do to be a better leader in the next six months. I'm really pleased about that because too often you come out from an experience like this with lots of ideas and thoughts but no real plan on how to put them together into something actionable. I'm leaving with an architectural blueprint on how to improve my leadership - and that, I think, was one of the most valuable aspects about the program for me."

Chris Patterson, Leading Decisions 2011
Sunshine Health State Plan


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