The Leadership Labs: Miami Fellows, Cohort IX
A partnership with The Miami Foundation

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Since 2012, the Center for Leadership at Florida International University, has partnered with The Miami Foundation in the presentation of The Leadership Labs for the Miami Fellows program. Each cohort of the Miami Fellows program is comprised of young executives who are inspired by our community’s potential, have demonstrated ethical leadership and have the dedication to do more.

The Leadership Labs are designed based on the Center’s Leadership Competency Builder©, which identifies and provides clear feedback about those leadership competencies which are most needed for long-term organizational success. The Leadership Competency Builder© identifies five key competencies necessary for a leader’s success: Leading Self, Leading Others, Connecting with Others, Managing Work, and Strategic Focus.

The Leadership Labs included in the Miami Fellows program consist of a 2.5-day opening session, to be followed by 4 morning labs to be schedule throughout the course of the cohort. Each session will be delivered by FIU and Center faculty and staff or consultants familiar with the Center’s model of leadership and who have served in our executive leadership programs.

The Center for Leadership will provide workshops that utilize in-depth assessments and critical thinking tools to inform the leadership and decision-making characteristics of the Miami Fellows. The workshops are custom designed to assist in identifying and leveraging a broad spectrum of competencies and assessments to assist the Fellows in developing personal and organizational strategies to address complex leadership issues and will provide participants with tools to:

  • Ensure leaders who have a strong sense of self, making the right choices when it matters the most
  • Reflect on their personal leadership characteristics and identify areas of focus and development
  • Identify and be able to articulate a personal set of core values
  • Acquire practical tools that ensure effective and successful conversations
  • Develop a concept of vision that creates meaning and provides a compelling way forward
  • Create a frame work for long term and continuous leadership development