The Fellows program of the FIU Center for Leadership recognizes and supports individuals for cutting-edge research and expertise in the area of leadership development, training, and analysis.

Founding Fellows

Founding Fellows are lifetime fellowship holders who provided the Center with the foundational research that forms the basis of the Center’s programs and leadership model. Additionally, Founding Fellows have provided a multidisciplinary perspective for the development of applied research that informs our programs with practical assessment tools and leadership development modules. Contributions of the Founding Fellows have been pivotal to the establishment and development of the Center, therefore, the Center has granted the Founding Fellows an honorary lifetime membership and recognition.

Our Founding Fellows

Research Fellows

Research Fellows are faculty members from Florida Universities that have been selected based on their submissions to the CFL Call for Proposals. They integrate professional knowledge from a diverse field and provide the Center with new perspectives on the leadership framework. Research Fellows are awarded on the basis of their leadership research potential and contribution.

Research Fellows will be expected to serve as mentors for Graduate Fellows and consultants for CFL research staff. Additionally, Research Fellows are invited to Center sponsored events, and are granted access to the Center?s intellectual resources. Research Fellows will be required to provide monthly progress reports and complete their proposed research project during their fellowship period. Upon completion of the project they will present their findings at a Center sponsored lecture and receive a certificate recognizing his or her accomplishment as a Center Fellow. The title of Research Fellow is held for the period of one academic year during the completion of their proposed research project. Research Fellowships are awarded annually in the Spring semester.

For additional information concerning the Call for Proposals please click here.

Our Research Fellows

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows are members of Florida International University’s faculty that have clear goals for improving leadership knowledge by conducting research in collaboration with the Center. Faculty Fellows engage in cutting-edge research directly related to leadership and are aligned with the Center’s goals and objectives.

As ambassadors for the Center, Faculty Fellows promote our work throughout the academic and business communities. They present at academic conferences on behalf of the Center and serve as faculty for Center programs and workshops. Faculty Fellows present their research at Center sponsored colloquiums and publish in leadership and management journals on behalf of the Center. Faculty Fellows are mentors for the Graduate Fellows and provide leadership for ongoing research projects. The duration of Faculty Fellowships is one academic year and is subject to renewal based on progress of sponsored research projects.

Our Faculty Fellows

Graduate Fellows

Graduate Fellows are currently enrolled FIU Ph.D. students with an interest in leadership who are funded by the Center to assist in conducting research, preparing project-related reports, manuscripts, and presentations. Additionally, Graduate Fellows present at conferences and attend events on behalf of the Center. Graduate Fellows also provide staffing support at the Center’s events, lectures, and colloquiums. Graduate Fellows are expected to assist the Center?s research staff and affiliated faculty with any ongoing projects. The title of Graduate Fellow is held for the period of one academic year and is subject to annual renewal.

Our Graduate Fellows