Miami: The Global City of the Future

A summary of the Miami Case as well as the four Miami Leadership Summits that gathered Miami’s top leaders to discuss the biggest opportunities and challenges in Miami’s future.

Download: Miami: The Global City of the Future
Author: Mayra Beers and Candace Atamanik

Download: Miami: Leadership in a Global Community
Author: Kenneth Lipartito, Modesto A. Maidique, Mayra Beers and Candace Atamanik

The Introverted Leader: Examining the Role of Personality and Environment

This research examined the effect of context on leader performance to determine if introverted leaders thrive in different environments than extroverted leaders.

Download: The Introverted Leader: Examining the Role of Personality and Environment
Author: Candace Atamanik

Six Competencies of CEOs

In interviews with 25 CEO’s, six competencies initially stood out as key to their performance: self-awareness, moral compass, listening, judgment, visionating and tenacity.

Download: Download link for Six Competencies of CEOs
Researchers: Modesto Maidique, Candace Atamanik-Dunphy and Ruthann Perez

Positive Leadership

Provides an integrated overview of the fields of Leadership and Positive Psychology. Discusses how happiness and leadership are intertwined factors that make a more positive and energetic leader.

Download: Positive Leadership
Researchers: Modesto Maidique

Product Innovation: How Disruption Leads to Innovation

Disruption is an occurrence from which many leaders might shy away. But disruption should actually be sought after, according to Manny Gonzalez in his white paper “Product Innovation: How disruption produces progress.”

Download: Product Innovation: How Disruption Leads to Innovation
Author: Manny Gonzalez

Florida’s Entrepreneurial Women Leaders 2011; Making a Difference in their Communities

The Florida’s Entrepreneurial Women Leaders 2011 survey was developed and conducted by the Center for Leadership and the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center at Florida International University’s College of Business with support of the Kauffman Foundation.

The survey focuses on businesses throughout the state of Florida which have women in the top executive position. The 2011 survey, in particular, highlights women who founded their own businesses in the for-profit sector. Responses from this state-wide survey offer valuable insights into women-led businesses, including the career choices, attitudes, and trajectories of distinguished Florida women entrepreneurs.

Download: Florida’s Entrepreneurial Women Leaders 2011
Researchers: Joyce Elam, Asia Eaton, Mayra Beers, Anya Edun, and Darya Yeroshova

Decoding Intuition for More Effective Decision Making

Discusses how intuition is used as a tool by CEOs when making high stakes decisions.

Link to Article: Decoding Intuition for More Effective Decision-Making
Researcher: Dr. Modesto A. Maidique
Publication: August 2011, HBR Blog

Intuition Isn’t Just About Trusting Your Gut

Using CEO interviews and related research, the article examines the successful and consistent deployment of intuition as a formative characteristic of leadership.

Link to Article: Intuition Isn’t Just about Trusting your Gut
Researcher: Dr. Modesto A. Maidique
Publication: April 2011, HBR Blog

Are You a Level-Six Leader?

This paper proposes that the defining characteristic of leaders is reflected in the question “Whom do you serve”? The author discusses six levels of leaders that serve different constituents. The proposed levels of leadership are: Sociopath, Opportunist, Chameleon, Achiever, Builder, and Transcendent.

Link to Article: Are You a Level-Six Leader?
Researcher: Dr. Modesto A. Maidique
Publication: 2011, Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge

Are you a Level Six Leader? Assessment Tool

A measurement tool designed to assess an individual’s ranking on the 6 levels of leadership.

Researchers: Dr. Modesto A. Maidique and Dr. Nathan Hiller. Publication: (in progress)

The Leader’s Toolbox

This paper explores the judgmental heuristics (rules of thumb) that CEOs use to navigate at strategic crossroads. Through interview-based analysis of more than 40 key decisions by CEOs, this research sheds light on the origins, development, and usage of leaders’ rules of thumb. The paper draws from leaders experience and values in order to contrast both good and bad decision-making. The author discusses how enhanced self-awareness may help to optimize the use of heuristics.

Researcher: Dr. Modesto A. Maidique
Publication: (in progress)

Best Fortune 500 CEOs

Drs. Maidique and Asia Eaton are developing a novel and robust formula for rating and ranking CEOs from the Fortune 500 list for the year 2000. Maidique and Eaton’s research-driven ranking considers not only financial performance during the CEO’s tenure but also post-tenure financial performance as well as objective measures of corporate social responsibility and corporate adaptability/innovation.

Researchers: Modesto Maidique and Asia Eaton
Publication: (in progress)

Decoding Your Decision DNA

Discusses how personality, family of origin, life journey and business experience influence our decision making processes and why leaders need to develop awareness of how their decisions are shaped by these factors.

Researcher: Modesto Maidique

Top Universities and their Rankings

Advanced mathematical statistics is used to provide optimal coefficients for variables used in ranking universities.

Researchers: Modesto Maidique with Steve Zenakis

Leadership Competency Builder

This research breaks new ground in understanding the diverse array of leadership competencies that may be needed in different leadership situations. After an extensive review of empirical leadership research, a comprehensive list of leadership competencies was developed, resulting in the production of the Leadership Competency Builder assessment tool. Too often, organizations have narrow definitions of leadership competencies and fail to consider competencies that are in most need of development in their organization. This empirically-based tool allows organizations to consider and systematically analyze their leadership competency strengths and needs.

Download: Leadership Competency Builder
Researcher: Dr. Nathan Hiller

Leadership Theories And Orientations: A Training Program

The study examines perceptions about leadership by considering individuals’ leadership “orientations” or “theories” and the self-identities that individuals have built around leadership (e.g., “Do I see myself as a leader? Why? Why not?”). Further, this project will design, implement, and assess a training program to modify beliefs about leadership as a precursor to enhancing organizational leadership capacity.

Researcher: Dr. Nathan Hiller

When No News Is Bad News: The Case Of The Bubbled Executive

Development of a teaching tool intended to raise executives’ awareness that through their behavior towards primarily their followers, they shape the norms that regulate how, when, and how much feedback they will receive. Executives should become aware that unless they regulate reactions to employee feedback, by seeking behavior in an appropriate manner, they will end up receiving little or no critical information regarding the business that they are trying to run.

Download: Bubble Case Summary
Researcher: Dr. Juan Sanchez

The Florida’s Woman-Led Businesses Study

The Center for Leadership at Florida International University, in partnership with The Commonwealth Institute, annually conducts the Florida’s Woman-Led Businesses study. The objective of this project is to gain an understanding on how women business leaders view (1) the demands and satisfaction of their work, (2) their future goals, (3) the impact of their choices on their personal lives, (4) strategies that they used to advance their careers, and (5) their leadership styles. You may download copies of the report:

Download: Florida Woman-Led Businesses, 2010
Researchers: Dr. Joyce Elam, Mayra Beers, Garth Headley, Maria Ilcheva, Veronica Averhart, Nathan Hiller

Download: Florida Woman-Led Businesses, 2009
Researchers: Dr. Joyce Elam, Mayra Beers, Garth Headley, Maria Illcheva, Veronica Averhart

Download: Florida Woman-Led Businesses, 2008
Researchers: Dr. Joyce Elam, Mayra Beers, Garth Headley, Maria Illcheva, Veronica Averhart

Download: Florida Woman-Led Businesses, 2007
Researchers: Dr. Joyce Elam, Mayra Beers, Maria Illcheva

Download: Florida Woman-Led Businesses, 2006
Researchers: Dr. Joyce Elam, Mayra Beers, Maria Illcheva, Amanda Bullough

The Leadership Dance

This study proposes a new model of leadership summarized as the metaphor of a “dance,” with leaders and organizations described as dance partners, managing change. While the leader (e.g., chief executive) influences the direction of an organization and responds to feedback, the partner (e.g., organization) also performs its key role in the dance choreography (e.g., cultural and business environment). This dynamic shifting of the lead role between leader and organization is what the best modern leaders implicitly practice. The research focuses on key competencies of “leaders,” “partners,” and of the “dance”. This metaphor, when fully articulated, will produce a dynamic, interactive model of leadership that recognizes the complementary roles of the leader and partner in the organizational “dance.”

Researcher: Dr. Modesto A. Maidique