layout_programs_seniorexecutiveInrospection and factual analysis inform leadership decision making, and our toughest decisions are often an expression of who we are as human beings – the totality of our knowledge, experiences, values and personality. The Senior Executive Leadership Program integrates cutting-edge research and expertise with physical and personality assessments to create a customized portfolio of resources for effective leadership development and training.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for accomplished leaders: Board chairs, Presidents, CEO?s, and C-level executives with substantial organizational responsibilities, who wish to develop an effective rubric for better decision

making. Whether in marketing, finance, or operations, The Senior Executive Leadership Program will add critical leadership skills to their portfolios.

Why attend?

Participating in this Executive Leadership Development Program will help the organization:

  • Build leadership capacity/potential to enhance retention and strategic organizational opportunities
  • Drive team productivity and profit by capitalizing on diverse perspectives
  • Develop an action plan for energizing the organization
  • Develop creative thinking for innovative solutions

Participating in this Executive Leadership Development Program will help the individual:

  • Become a more effective decision maker and align others behind your choices
  • Recognize and develop personal strengths and ameliorate weaknesses
  • Develop self-regulatory skills and objective situational analysis
  • Build awareness of optimal performance levels for leaders

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