Dr. Brooke Buckman

Dr. Brooke Buckman

Assistant Professor, Department of Management & International Business


Dr. Buckman earned her Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 2014.


PhD, Business Administration, Management Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Bachelor of Business Administration, Accountancy University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana

Bio: Dr. Buckman earned her Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 2014. Her published research has examined the various ways leaders enhance their followers’ levels of engagement, as well as how different types of leader behaviors influence their followers’ perceptions of fairness in the face of stressful job demands. She also has published a review of the research regarding how the personalities within a team influence teamwork and team effectiveness, and a book chapter that describes the various implications (both good and bad) of having strong positive relationships among team members.

In conducting this research, she has worked with a wide variety of organizations and industries, including the U.S. military, numerous automobile and pharmaceutical organizations in Eastern China, a U.S. based insurance company, a debt collection agency, a nation-wide fast-food chain, and a system of hospitals. She often draws upon her own five years of work experience, both as an external auditor at KPMG and as a senior financial analyst at Kraft Foods, both in her research and when teaching about human resource related concepts in the classroom.

Areas of expertise: Leadership, Management, Organizational Behavior, Employee Engagement

Recent Publications:

Zhang, Y., LePine, J. A., Buckman, B. R., & Wei, F. (2014). It’s not fair… or is it? The role of justice and leadership in explaining work stressor–job performance relationships. Academy of Management Journal, 57(3), 675-697.

Crawford, E. R., Rich, B. L., Buckman, B., & Bergeron, J. (2014). The antecedents and drivers of employee engagement. Employee engagement in theory and practice, 57-81.

Kammeyer‐Mueller, J. D., Rubenstein, A. L., Long, D. M., Odio, M. A., Buckman, B. R., Zhang, Y., & Halvorsen‐Ganepola, M. D. (2013). A Meta‐Analytic Structural Model of Dispositonal Affectivity and Emotional Labor. Personnel Psychology, 66(1), 47-90.

LePine, J. A., Methot, J. R., Crawford, E. R., & Buckman, B. R. (2012). A model of positive relationships in teams: The role of instrumental, friendship, and multiplex social network ties. Personal Relationships. The Effect on Employee Attitudes, Behavior, and Well-being, Routledge, New York, 173-194.

LePine, J. A., Buckman, B. R., Crawford, E. R., & Methot, J. R. (2011). A review of research on personality in teams: Accounting for pathways spanning levels of theory and analysis. Human Resource Management Review, 21(4), 311-330.