The Center for Leadership is continuously engaged in research that seeks to augment what we know about the challenges, successes and best practices in the field of organizational leadership. To that end, opportunities to draw from extant interdisciplinary faculty and their research, as well as the practical real-world experience of industry leaders, are ones we most welcome. The Chapman Leadership Honors and The Leadership Lectures series allow us as a Center to not only add to our own work, but to bring to the FIU Community the world’s foremost speakers, researchers and practitioners to share what they know. It is our intention to make these lectures available to our community in an effort to engage and give access to the kinds of information and practical tools that may be used for continuous personal and organizational growth.

In an effort to optimize participation for our lectures, we often overbook knowing that cancellations will effect attendance. As such, we strongly urge you to register online to reserve your place, but also that you arrive early to claim your seat. While we are unlikely to turn anyone away, we are limited to the capacity of the lecture rooms and event spaces. Many thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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Past Lectures