The Women Leaders Program | May 8-11, 2017


May 8-11, 2017


South Florida - Location Coming Soon   View map



Join us for the Women Leaders Program where professional women from across the world will gather, to dive deep into the fresh approach to life-long leadership development based on a contemporary leadership competency model developed by FIU’s Center for Leadership.

Unique insights, proven cases and in-depth, solutions-oriented sessions will provide the framework to help you leverage your strengths! Whether you are a middle to upper manager, director, or vice president, our four day program will prepare you to take action on what matters most to you and your organization.

As women move up the organizational ladder and assume greater leadership roles, many firms are asking:

“Are we tapping the full potential of our women leaders?”

If you are among these women, you might ask yourselves:

  • Do I add value where my organization most needs it?
  • How can I excel at leading my staff and recognizing their strengths and limits?
  • Could a personal action plan help me leverage my strengths and sharpen my decisions?

Who should attend?

This program is designed with high potential women leaders in mind: senior managers, directors, vice presidents, and executives who have expanded responsibility and want to catapult their leadership development in new directions. Whether in marketing, finance, or operations, this program will help add critical leadership skills to enhance organizational performance.

Why attend?

Participating in this conference will help women:

  • Be effective decision-makers and align others behind their choices
  • Negotiate to reveal unexpected options that resolve conflict and enhance relationships
  • Lead teams/projects and motivate others to take the initiative
  • Articulate organizational visions and lead others to execute them
  • Develop their personal strengths and go beyond their limitations


$6,450 includes tuition, program materials, accommodations for three evenings, and most meals and breaks.

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