The Leadership Essentials Program
September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017


11200 SW 8th Street
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Using the Center for Leadership’s competency model, The Leadership Competency Builder© and its central core principle of Leading Self as the foundation for effective and efficient leadership, this one-day program challenges individuals to define for themselves key factors essential for effective leadership. Discussion topics will include cultivating personal and professional values, leveraging inherent predispositions, managing personal energy, weaving strategic and thoughtful networks, and using the power of mentoring as a leadership differentiator. These foundational principles will challenge participants to think about leadership as a personal and authentic journey built on tangible skills and behaviors.

Who should attend

The Leadership Essentials one-day program is intended for all individuals, whether you lead teams of two people or a thousand, for your own personal development, or to begin your professional leadership development journey.

If you attended this program in September 2015 or 2016, you should not attend again, but please feel free to recommend a friend. We hope to have a Leadership Essentials II in the near future.


$325 (includes parking, light breakfast and lunch, all program materials and assessments)

Early Registration: $295 (register before August 31, 2017)


8:30am – 4:00pm


Morning Sessions

Leading Self
A core component of being an effective leader and making the right choices for ourselves and those we serve, is to understand the role our own personal, inherent characteristics play in the process. Though we may not be able to change who we are, an awareness of these characteristics and how they play a role in our leadership behaviors, allows us to manage and focus those behavior for optimal results. This session will include a personal assessment tool with feedback reports, and discussions on how to leverage personal strengths.

Connecting with Others
Success in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world of “continuous partial attention” requires new skills to prevent misunderstandings and maximize our ability to work smarter together. This session will help participants improve communication skills with those they interact with. Participants will learn time-sensitive methods they can use – the minute they walk out the door – to generate communication, drive optimal performance, and ensure successful conversations more often.

Afternoon Sessions

Leveraging Networks
No doubt you’ve heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” But in fact, that’s still only part of the story. To build your social capital, it’s critical for you to consider the diffuseness and structural complexity of the entire network of people around you. Do people in your network know each other? What kind of information does each person know? What “private” information can you share to create value for others and trust? This session will awaken participants to the critical role that social networks play in determining their professional success. The way in which we go about building and leveraging our networks provides a key source of leadership competitive advantage, but only if we follow three principles: trust, diversity, and brokerage.

Delivering Results: Developing Your Leadership Agenda
During this session, participants will be tasked with developing their Leadership Agenda, or action plan. The written agenda will begin with the selection of an individually selected problem or challenge the participant has identified, followed by the development of goals and objectives, delineation of strategies and tactics, identification of human and financial resources, plans for implementation, and finally, an evaluation and feedback plan.

Cancellation Policy

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