The Senior Executive Leaders Program | Spring 2019

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Spring 2019



Introspection and factual analysis inform leadership decision making, and our toughest decisions are often an expression of who we are as human beings – the totality of our knowledge, experiences, values and personality. The Senior Executive Leaders Program integrates cutting-edge research and expertise with physical and personality assessments to create a customized portfolio of resources for effective leadership development and training.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for executives with substantial experience and significant responsibilities, and may also be preparing for the C-Suite: VPs, Senior Directors, new C-suite executives. Whether in marketing, finance, or operations, The Senior Executives Leaders Program will add critical leadership skills to their portfolios.

Why attend?

Sessions for The Senior Executive Leaders Program are complemented by custom experiential exercises, one-on-one executive coaching and round-table discussions with, or presentations by, veteran industry executives.

Benefits for the organization:

  • Build strategic leadership capacity at senior levels
  • Drive productivity and effectiveness by capitalizing on diverse perspectives
  • Develop a process for continual growth without fatigue
  • Develop an action plan for energizing the organization
  • Lead innovation in systemic ways

Benefits for the individual:

  • Understanding how “who you are” shows up in the way you make decisions
  • Avoiding predictable and automatic biases to which we are all prone and which can hinder our effectiveness
  • Maximizing personal influence using proven techniques
  • Getting buy-in for own efforts regardless of personal leadership style
  • Leading units and organizations through significant change


$6,950 includes tuition, program materials, accommodations for three nights, and most meals and breaks.

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