The High-Impact Leadership Program |
October 24-27, 2017


October 24-27, 2017


Atton Brickell Miami
1500 SW 1st Ave
Miami, FL 33129   View map



In today’s global marketplace, leadership is the undeniable secret weapon of competitive advantage. More than ever, economic challenges and market conditions demand organizational leadership that is dynamic, adaptive, and creative. The High-Impact Leadership Program (formerly The High-Potential Leaders Program) is designed to help leaders develop a portfolio of strategic leadership capabilities in areas such as leading during crisis, managing change, building robust teams, and actioning a vision. The program provides models and action steps to prepare executive leaders assume increased responsibilities and challenges, while maintaining organizational effectiveness and renewal.


Who should attend?

This program is designed for high-impact individuals who seek to continue or accelerate their personal and professional development: directors, senior managers, vice-presidents, or area managers with substantial responsibilities. Whether in marketing, finance, or operations, this program will build critical leadership skills to enhance organizational performance.

Why attend?

Participating in this program will help the organization:

  • Build leadership capacity by equipping executives equally capable of assuming added and/or greater responsibilities
  • Develop a team of skilled executives adept at identifying and avoiding organizational “derailers”
  • Identify organizational leaders capable of building leadership capacity and engaging those they lead
  • Strengthen talent development and effective succession planning processes to ensure sustainable leadership capacity for the organization

Participating in this program will help the individual:

  • Enhance your ability to engage others and lead with strategic purpose and vision
  • Increase strategic thinking capabilities and the ability to “make the right call”
  • Build a strong understanding and awareness of self, and understand how self-knowledge strengthens leadership capabilities
  • Identify and articulate personal and professional goals and prepare to assume greater/increased responsibilities.
  • Discover skills for a cycle of developing and ensuring the continuity of organizational values


$6,450 includes tuition, program materials, accommodations for three evenings and most meals and breaks.

Participants registering by August 31st qualify for a 10% credit.

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