The Center for Leadership is pleased to collaborate with Miami-Dade County Public Schools on additional leadership development workshops. Some of these opportunities have included following:

Mentoring for Leadership Development – This workshop is designed as a one-day program focused on equipping principals as they contribute their experience and expertise in mentoring M-DCPS leaders for the future. The workshop is the kick off training for the 18-week mentoring experience provided by M-DCPS for soon-to-be principals.

Based on essential mentoring and leadership competencies, this program is at the forefront of new, shared leadership models in education that will help shorten the learning curve for new principals in MDCPS. This innovative mentoring component using experienced principals with a proven track record will prepare the new principal to exert an exponential difference immediately upon receiving their first assignment as principal.

  • Principles of effective mentorship
  • Effective communication
  • Goal-setting for effective mentoring
  • Designing a mentoring plan

Foundations of Leadership Workshop – A series of workshops designed to “build a bench” of highly effective principals and assistant principals who will be prepared to lead turnaround efforts in M-DCPS. This collaboration focuses on improving the educational leader’s effectiveness by enhancing their skills and insight focusing on specific themes identified by M-DCPS including

  • Motivation,
  • Communication, and
  • Leading change

Training for M-DCPS Administrators – As part of the Principals Leadership Development Program, The Center provides full scholarships to M-DCPS administrators to participate in The Center’s flagship executive leadership development programs (not principal-specific). In these programs principals can share best practices and principles with senior executives from across industries including banking, retail, healthcare, government, finance, and the military; with a focus on the foundational principles of leadership across contexts.

The network of professionals at each program provides invaluable insight and strategies for effective leadership across industries and organizations. To date more than 15 administrators have participated in The Center’s open-enrollment programs:

  • The High-Potential Leaders Program
  • The Women Leaders Program
  • The Senior Executive Leaders Program
  • Leadership Essentials Workshop